Every woman [and man] can attest to Sophia Vergara having all the right curves in all the right places. However, she doesn’t just have all the right curves, but she has strong muscle tone which allows her to have that coveted body that every woman wants to have. She may have been blessed with some great assets, but she still has to put in the hard work and effort in order to maintain this sexy body.

Often known as a “workout butterfly”– meaning she changes her workouts up quite frequently.

Not only does the average joe get tired of doing the same workout day-in and day-out, but so do celebrities! That is why this 20 minute Sofia Vergara workout that I’m going to show you is one that will allow you to get that coveted body, while also allowing you some flexibility in your exercise routine by shortening your workout time and adding in that intensity which is most often lost in traditional workouts.

This workout is designed to provide you with short, intense circuit exercises to provide you with a heart pumping experience that will be sure to burn those calories and build that lean muscle which leads to a toned-definitional look much like Sophia Vergara’s. So, grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to break out a sweat!

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Dumbbell weight:

  • Beginners: 5-8 pounds
  • Intermediate:  10-12 pounds
  • Advanced: 15+ pounds


1.   Squat+ Reverse Lunge + Squat + Reverse Lunge

With this exercise, you can hold 2 dumbbells or a single dumbbell at chest height. You will squat first, than perform a reverse lunge with the left leg, and repeat with a squat and a reverse lunge with the right leg. Definitely a lower body burner!

2.   Side Lunge [Right leg]

Really hike the hips back as you take a nice large step with the right leg to the side; should feel a deep stretch in the inner thigh area.

3.   Side Lunge [Left leg]

Same as right leg side lunge, except on other side. Make sure to sit back in your heels and feel the inner thigh working.

4.   Stability Ball Butt Hip Lifts

Lie down on your back on the floor, heels will be placed on top of the stability ball- hands slightly out at your sides for support. Slowly lift up your hips, squeeze your butt, and try to keep the knees from bending and legs straight. Hold for a 3 count, relax hips back down. To make it harder: don’t let your butt touch the ground when you relax your hips, this will keep the hamstrings and glutes engaged the entire duration of the exercise.

5.   Stability Ball Hamstring Curls

Lie down on your back on the floor, heels will be placed on top of the stability ball- hands slightly out at your sides for support. Slowly lift up your hips, squeeze your butt, and roll the stability ball towards your butt. You will have to keep the hips up and butt engaged throughout the movement in order to get a decent range of motion on this exercise. Really focus on tightening your core as you roll the stability ball towards you. Lastly, your rest break on this is at the end of all repetitions, as you want to maintain that hip rise and glute engagement throughout the movement. Try hard not to let those hips drop down and focus on squeezing the hamstring muscle in the back of your leg as you roll the ball in!

6.   Plié Dumbbell Squats

Take a nice wide standing stance, feet should be wider than shoulder/hip width. Hold dumbbell in your hands and have toes slightly pointing out, about 45 degree angle. Perform a squat, bringing the hips back behind you, keeping the chest up and shoulders back. Feel the inner thighs engage the lower down that you go. Come back up to standing and repeat!

7.   Standing Leg Extensions [Left leg]

With this exercise, you won’t need any weight- except for your body weight. Place your hands against a wall, chair, or table top and step your feet back about 3 steps so there is a slight incline with your body. Next, keeping the hips squared, slowly bring your left leg straight back behind you will focus on squeezing your left butt cheek. Bring leg back down and repeat. Try not to use momentum here or allow your back to bend/sway to get more distance with your leg, as this goes against the results that you want to achieve. Instead, slow and precise movements with visualization of the muscle you’re working will get you those results that you want!

8.   Standing Leg Extension [Right Leg]

Same as above, except with right leg. Don’t use momentum or allow your back to bend/sway to get more distance with your leg. Remember: slow, precise movements with mind-muscle connection.

9. Jump Squats

This one is a killer. You are going to take a standing squat position to perform this. When ready, bring those hips straight back behind you, try to let those finger tips touch the floor, and release all of your momentum upwards as you jump to the sky. Try to utilize your arms for momentum on the jump to really get the explosion that we’re looking for. Repeat exercise until time is up. Remember, it’s going to burn but really try and power yourself through this exercise. Give it all you’ve got!

10. Mountain Climbers

Bring yourself down to the floor, on your hands and knees. Next, step those feet back [think plank style] and make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders. Remember, you want a straight line all the way up: hands, elbows, shoulders- straight line. Next, make sure your hips aren’t sagging down OR the butt isn’t hiked up high. Instead, nice flat back, hips in alignment with your core. Then, once you’ve got the starting position down, start climbing up that mountain, bring 1 foot in towards your hands/chest each time. You can vary the speed of your movement, making it faster or slower. Or, you can go full blast to get the most bang for your buck because it is only 30 seconds!

Repeat Circuit 2-3 times, 30 seconds each exercise. If performing repetitions instead, focus on doing 15-20 per exercise.

Here you have it, the Sophia Vergara 20 minute workout that you can incorporate as often as you like throughout the week. This will truly give you that lower body burn and tone that you desire!

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