I want to share with you a quote I found on Twitter today:

“You can’t bake cookies in half the time by doubling the temperature”

Of course you can’t. The cookies will burn, just like you will, if you try anything and everything too fast.


Unrealistic goals

One mistake I see people making every January is once Christmas is over, they believe they have to totally transform their diet, eat 100% clean and ban some foods altogether. They join a gym and go to lots of classes, sometimes more than one a day.

Perhaps they buy into a flashy plan that offers incredible results in record time.

People do all this because they think they will achieve the body they want sooner by working harder. They believe they can bake their own cookie in half the time, by working twice as hard.

This method is always doomed to fail because you can only sprint for so long before you lose steam and give up.

small changes to achieve fitness goal_2The hare and the tortoise

The same theory applies with the childhood story about the hare and the tortoise.

Tired of all the hare’s bragging, the tortoise challenged the him to a race. The hare made a great head start by bolting ahead. Confident that he would win, he stopped to break, only to wake up and he find that the tortoise had beaten him.

In order to make big changes to your body, you need to be the tortoise, by making small changes.

Referring to the January sprint, the body you want you desire will not happen in a one month race. It takes many months of slow, consistent change and gradual improvement.

Yes, getting in the fitness game really is simple

Instead of trying to make lots of changes at once, exercise for a few minutes each day. You’re not going to win the race by trying to exercise for half an hour each day in January. However, adding a minute on to each day, you can reach 30 minutes by the end of the month.

The same goes for your diet, as aiming to alter everything at once is a bit like juggling lots of balls.

You’ll have to constantly think about every meal you make, every shopping trip you go on and every mouthful you taste – just thinking about the effort involved is exhausting.

So, what if you just made one change each day? Start with one ball until you are ready to pick up another. By steadily making step by step changes to your diet and exercise plan, you’ll get to the finish line.

Book banner 2

I created The Accumulator™ for people who fail to keep fit before January is over as they fall into the same trap year after year.

The concept is a plan that works one day at a time

The book contains a 30 day plan that introduces a new healthy eating habit each day. By Day 30, you’ll have made so many changes, yet you won’t have even realise you’re doing some of them as the habits will become automatic.

The same principle applies to the workouts – start Day 1 with just one minute and finish the month with a challenging 30 minutes of high intensity exercise.

In order to win the race, there’s really no better time to begin than right now.  The Accumulator™ achieves by steadily increasing exercise and diet plans so you can get to your goal in realistic way.

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