It has rapidly become known as the Meghan Markle Workout, but are you down with SLT workouts? If not don’t worry, I’m here to inform you!

SLT stands for Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone and it is the hottest New York City fitness trend. Developed by Sebastian Lagree a Pilates instructor in Los Angeles; SLT is an aggressive, total body workout instructed completely on a Megaformer.

Don’t know what a Megaformer is? Think of it as the Pilates Reformer’s bigger, stronger, younger brother. And Meghan Markle – the newly married Duchess of Sussex and new member of the British Royal Family – is known to be an absolute devotee of Megaformer workouts and the benefits of strengthen, lengthen, tone.

Sorry, did we lose you at Pilates?

Yes this is a Pilates-based class, more commonly described as “pilates on steroids”, although I am seriously not convinced that expression is ever very helpful in the wider fitness community. But please don’t be thrown by the word pilates!

I know men in particular can be put off by the mere mention of it, but that is slowly changing as awareness increases and ‘prejudices’ are diluted. Much the same has happened with yoga over the last decade or so – and quite rightly too.

Slow, Steady & Non-Impact

These 50-minute classes typically accommodate 10 individuals (each on a Megaformer) and offer the same low impact benefits of traditional Pilates Reformer classes which make it acceptable for people worried about high impact exercises.

There are a multitude of reasons for many people to stay away from ballistic, high impact, jarring exercises and motions – whether it is because of injury rehabilitation, injury prevention or existing conditions that must be protected. This SLT approach is free of such issues.

If you are wondering about the intensity of SLT Workouts, have no worries; these things are never an absolute science, but it is thought that an SLT Workout class can burn up to 800 calories in a single 50-minute session. That is at least double what an individual can achieve on a treadmill over the same period.

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Megaformer classes have become known as The Meghan Markle Workout after the Duchess of Sussex explained that she was a huge fan and devotee.

The Perfect Blend…

Often described as a miracle machine or torture device, depending on who you talk to; the Megaformer and SLT workout combine to give you one of the best blends of cardio, strength and Pilates in a single class.

Benefits include boosting the metabolism, increasing flexibility and improving postural alignment.

The Megaformer is a moving platform machine that aligns the body correctly, places you in the right positions, aids in stretching out your body as well as providing resistance. It is all about combining pilates, cardio and strength training on a single unit in slow, controlled movements.

And the midsection is given particular emphasis. One thing is for certain; after a few months of SLT you will be FIT to the core!

It may have become known as the Meghan Markle Workout, but you definitely do not have to be Royalty via TV stardom to see your body benefit from SLT – strengthen, lengthen, tone – and to take part in Megaformer classes.

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