Have you ever looked around your gym and really paid attention to how others are lifting their weights?

If you do that and really have a good look at what poeple are doing, I am certain that you will be amazed how many people do so by throwing weights around with reckless abandon, technique all over the palce and all moving at warp speed?

And  when you do this also notice how these people have no appreciable muscle mass to speak of? There’d be a reason for that!


While these high speed, frantic lifters look like they’re working hard, they are actually doing themselves a great disservice.

Take it slow

They would be much better off slowing each repetition down and focus on working the muscles, instead of just trying to move the weights as quickly as possible.

The reason behind this is because the lowering (eccentric) portion of the lift is where the greatest amount of muscle damage occurs, when performed correctly and under control.

When I say ‘muscle damage’, I don’t mean injuries.

I mean that there are microscopic tears in the muscle tissue that facilitate muscle growth when they repair. Basically, the greater the damage to your muscles, the bigger the gains (when proper nutrition and recovery is present). The muscles repair and build.

Make the most of your workout

There is a particular fashion in which to perform these reps, though, that will garner the maximum benefit.

You don’t want the weights to move at a snail’s pace through the entire movement, only on that eccentric phase. During the concentric phase, you actually do want to move the weight explosively.

how to build muscle_2This explosive movement will recruit the high threshold muscle fibers that, otherwise, wouldn’t be worked. You will then hold the top portion of the lift for one second, squeeze the muscle being worked, then lower the weight back down slowly.

You can vary the amount of time the lowering portion takes to really get those muscle fibers fired up.

Keep in mind, the longer the eccentric phase, the lighter the weight will have to be.

To make the most of your workouts and make the dream of larger muscles a reality, utilizing the F.I.T. principle is a must.


F.I.T. stands for Frequency, Intensity, and Time. This particular method utilized two of the areas of these areas at once. Your workouts will be more intense because the muscle will be placed under load for a greater period of time. Thereby harnessing all I mention above for the purposes of greater effect and genuine results.

With this program, your goal isn’t to just move the weights throughout a range of motion. Instead, the goal is the work the muscles as hard as possible and thoroughly.

Feel the workout, slow it down, and you will see results faster than you could have ever imagined. And I can guarantee you will certainly see them long before those others in the gym who think it is all about frantic speed and random techniques!

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