In parts 1 and 2 of skipping for fitness I introduced the benefits of this great exercise and then looked at a few techniques from basic to more advanced. Now let’s look at some real variety!

As we have established, skipping is an amazing stand-alone workout. It provides a superb aerobic or anaerobic exercise and terrific variety for energizing, strengthening, working the heart and burning calories.

But there is even more you can do!

Let’s have a look at some workout variations and how skipping can be integral to some really fun and exciting combinations that are guaranteed to deliver results. These will take your skipping for fitness to a new level!

The Boxing Round

As previously touched on, skipping is a legendary staple of the boxer’s workout, so let’s pay some homage to that!

The length of a professional boxing round is three minutes, followed by one-minute respite in their corner on a stool. So simply aim to skip continuously for three minutes before taking a 60-second break and then going again. Boxers go up to 12 rounds so maybe this is something to aim for, but do the most you reasonably can.

Kettlebells & Skipping

Staying with the boxer’s three minutes…

Set a timer so that it bleeps every three minutes. Now take a kettlebell and perform 20-30 swings. As soon as you have completed them, grab your skipping rope and start skipping. Keep going until your timer goes off.

Now go back to your kettlebell and perform another 20-30 swings, before skipping until the next set of alarm beeps.

Continue this as long as you are able. You can raise the intensity by upping the kettlebell weight and/or using more advanced skipping techniques.

Skipping, Press Ups & Squats

The title is self-explanatory!  This is a really good way of achieving something like a full body training session very quickly, efficiently and practically.

And all you need is a skipping rope and floor space!

Very simply perform 30 seconds bursts of skipping followed immediately by 30 seconds of press ups, then 30 seconds of skipping again, 30 seconds of squats and repeat the cycle. I promise you it hits the spots!

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skipping for fitness

Skipping & Burpees

This one is really short and sharp and will provide a really energizing physical challenge.

Do 10 burpees and then follow the straightaway with 50 rope turn skips. That is 50 full skips.

Now do nine burpees and 50 rope skips…and continue in this sequence down to one burpee. If you have been doing a power workout this is a superb finisher!

And finally…

You have probably heard of Tabata, if it’s not familiar I am sure HIIT is or High Intensity Interval Training.

This is all about short bursts of intensive exercise followed by a short period of rest, then another burst of intensity and so on. This is pretty much the best formula for calorie crushing and fat burning.

HIIT Skipping Intervals

This is pretty hardcore but the shortest workout of the lot.

Skip as fast as you can for 20 seconds and use one of the harder techniques such as high knee lift sprints or double unders.

Rest for 10 seconds. Go again!

Repeat this for eight sets and I assure you, you will be done!


I hope this has been thorough and useful coverage of skipping for fitness and will add great enjoyment, challenges and huge benefits to your workout.

And all you need is a rope!

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