I think for the majority of people out there having a toned well defined midsection is a dream we all pursue. There are many factors to making that dream come true. One of the factors is of course exercise.

The great thing about abs exercises is there’s a lot you can do out of the gym too. So that’s where my home workout comes in! Never before has it been so easy to exercise the abdominals and core muscles at home. Follow the instructions properly and the first piece of the puzzle to six pack abs is done.

Ready for this? ok let’s start by explaining the ground rules. This is a circuit designed to hit every muscle in the core area. You will repeat this circuit dependent on your level. Beginners will do 2-3 circuits, Intermediates will do 3-4 circuits and advanced will do 5 plus circuits dependent on time.


As we go through the exercises, I will speak about how to progress them as well. 1 minute for each exercise, so grab a watch or clock, so you can see how long you’re performing the exercises for. 30-45 mins is all we need for this, so that being said, lets introduce the exercises.

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The six pack home workout

First exercise is reverse crunch. This is done by lying down on the floor, pulling your knees into your chest and pushing your legs back out to straight. To make this even harder, when putting your legs straight, you can keep your heels off the ground.

For more advanced, you can add in a slow scissors as well to really make the lower abdominals burn. Spread your legs as far apart as they can go heels off the ground at all times then bring them back together.

Second exercise is an old school favourite – the plank. Now for beginners this will be hard. For those of you who find the plank easy, I have a few variations to help you out, first is the plank with one leg lift. Hold the plank position with one leg high as you can make it in the air after 30 seconds swap legs.


A six pack home workout_02

You could also do the superman plank, hold the plank with one arm out in front of you and the opposite leg high as you can make it. Lastly you could do the raised plank feet on the sofa and arms on a chair and allow gravity to make it harder for you.

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Third exercise is the slow cross mountain climber. Assume the prone position, then drive your knee to your opposite elbow slowly. We do this slowly to allow more tension in the abdominal and obliques, making sure you tense the muscles used at the end of the movement.

Return the leg to the start and use the other leg to the other elbow. To make this harder, I would suggest putting your legs on a chair or feet on the sofa and arms on chair then let gravity do its job.

Exercise four is the side oblique crunch. Lying on one side put your fingers on your temple and drive your elbow towards your hip. After 30 seconds swap sides. To progress this exercise once again i would use the sofa and a chair perform a side plank and do the same as instructed above. Again gravity will pull you down and make your core muscles work all the much harder.

Exercise five is half burpees no need to stand up here get into the prone position jump your legs in and jump them back into the first position. With this exercise i would suggest speed being the one that makes this harder.

Getting 30 or more jumps in a minute should really make those abdominals burn some more. Also if we add jumps where you bring your feet to the side of your arms then we can start to incorporate the obliques as well.

Exercise six, last one for the circuit is my very own creation the sit up matrix with high hands. to perform this you lie on your back knees pointing up and together with feet flat on the floor one hand up the other by your side.

Now perform sit ups, reaching as high as possible with your selected hand after 20 secs of repetitions swap to your other hand and after another 20 seconds use both hands reaching as high as possible until the time has finished. Having used this exercise on home based and gym based clients of various levels, I would suggest this one is hard enough and just prepare yourself to do it all over again.

Rest up-to 2 minutes before attempting round 2, and so on each time. After all of this don’t blame me when someone tells a joke and even laughing becomes hard. At least you will know you’re on your way to a toned midsection. Congratulations on completing the six pack circuit! Now you can get on with your day and no need to hit the gym at all! Share in the comments below how you’ve done!

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