In the fitness world, the toughest area of the body to tone, strengthen and lean out is definitely the gut and midsection. For most people it is the area that puts on weight and stores body fat first, and is also the area that loses that weight at the slowest rate.

The reason for this is just that as we start gaining weight, the places that start storing the body fat the earliest always end up accumulating more by the end than the other areas. Additionally it takes the longest to lose it all from that area not only because of what I just elaborated, but also because there is no such thing as spot reduction.

This means that when we train, the body does not have the ability to target just one specific area to lose body fat all at once. With all that said, the belly is certainly not as daunting of a hurdle if you are able to perform effective, well rounded core exercises, while putting them with a nice blend of high fat burning cardio training exercises.


Remember, you can strengthen the abdominal muscles and crunch all you want. But, without tough cardiovascular training to burn fat you will never lean out to uncover those muscles you spend so much time toning. Here’s a great home workout you can do to accomplish all that I’ve just highlighted. Perform the following circuit of exercises in this order 6 times through for a powerful 30 minute fat burning workout!

1. Jump squats – 10 reps

2. Sit up twists – rotate elbow to opposite knee on way up – 8 to 10 reps each side

3. Kettlebell swings – 15 to 30 lbs – 1 minute

a six pack home workout2

4. Low AB crunches – Lay on back and swing knees to elbows with feet in air (leg swing) – 20 reps

5. Squat thrust w/renegade row at bottom – 8 reps

6. Mountain climbers for 15 seconds followed immediately by Alternating Arms out to side in high plank 7 each side

Go through 6 rounds of these exercises but make sure you take 60 seconds rest (more if needed) after each full round! This is definitely killer in terms of intense core strengthening with just as good a level of high intensity cardio. This will surely do the job for you and get that body fat melting off! Here are some helpful tips:

– Rest as little as needed between circuits to fully push yourself but allow enough rest to enable yourself to legitimately complete the next round.

– Depending on your fitness level you do not need to do all 6 rounds right away. Do what you can even if you start off just doing 2,3, or 4.

– You can throw in little tweaks to increase intensity if you’re up to it such as adding weights to the jump squats or increasing the Dumbell weights during the renegade rows.

– As the routine becomes more comfortable through the weeks, a good little way to challenge yourself is to set goals on how many rounds you can get done in 30 minutes. 7, 8? Who knows?

So take this challenge and enjoy the grind! Be sure to check back with me for more tips and I look forward to any opportunities to work with you in the future! Train hard!

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