Hey fitness folks i’m glad to be back with you! This time let’s talk about some easy to do at home exercises where you won’t sacrifice that great sweat and cardio challenging heart rate that are always necessary no matter where you’re training.

Whether in a gym, at home, outside in a park or wherever you may be working out, you should always be looking to work hard and push yourself physically with any particular workout. But, your home or apartment can easily be one of those settings that’ll be tough to achieve a challenge just because of space restrictions, lack of equipment, etc…

Regardless of this you can still break a good sweat for a significant amount of time and create a hugely productive workout in the convenience of your own home!


It just takes a little creativity and remembering that the essentials of effective training are just sound, stable movements done with some pace for certain amounts of time. So if you can move with some energy and have 20/30 minutes of time, you’re in business!

Here are some simple movements and exercises you can do at home to meet those requirements and make sure that your home training continues to be stimulating and productive. You should perform these exercises in various different groups and circuits going from one to the next consecutively, creating minutes of constant work…

Some of them I’m sure you know of and have even done. A few though may be things you haven’t thought of!….

Squat Thrusts – Classic full body movement that can be used for high heart rate and great cardio if done enough of. Explosive exercise.

Walk out Pushups – Crawl forward into pushup then crawl back. Very active exercise although not super fast. Creates more of a steady pace. Good for active recovery after a tougher faster exercise during a circuit.

Jump Squats – Very explosive exercise. Usually can’t be done more than 30/40 seconds at a time because of muscle fatigue. But good for intensifying the cardio effect of an overall session when needed.


Toe Taps – Using the bottom step of a staircase or something the same height, lightly tap the balls of your feet on the step and back to the floor on a pace and rhythm that looks like you’re running from step to floor, step to floor, step to floor… Good for moderate pace and longer rounds of time than the more explosive exercises.

Explosive Pushups – An upper body equivalent to the squat jumps. Same technique. Same purpose and intensity level.


Walk out Low Plank to High Plank – Crawl forward into plank, drop down to elbows, back up to high plank and crawl back. Similar effect to walk out pushups.


Tricep Dips using edge of chair or steps – More of a slow paced muscle toning exercise. Good to use as active recovery like the other less explosive exercises.

High Plank Towel Slides – While in a High Plank with feet on towels, tighten core and alternately slide feet towards hand and then back. Slow exercise but high effort. Should be done for extended timed rounds like the Toe Taps.

Low Plank – Hold a plank on your elbows. No activity at all other than effort to hold position. Very good to do at moments during workout where you are extremely tired. It really creates a nice tough effort level.


Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope – Another moderate paced exercise good for longer timed rounds to build heart rate gradually or maintain it during the workout.

So these are all great exercises to do at home and not have to sacrifice challenge and hard work! You also need nothing but your body and some organizational creativity in how you sequence the exercises…

Remember that they are not all the same pace and intensity so pair and group them together wisely.

Do not put too many of the same types of exercises with each other so that you don’t work too hard for too long or too slow either. Through my years of teaching circuit group fitness classes at clubs like the YMCA, hotels, etc…

I’ve gained the experience to be able to tell you that it is very important to sequence the exercises together in ways that allow you to keep moving without burning out. Additionally, it also takes strategy to still make the workout challenging on yourself. But no worries! That just adds to the fun!

Take these exercises and see what you can do with them. Remember the tips and even expand on it yourself as you get comfortable. I look forward to any future opportunities to assist and until then be sure to check back and leave any comments or concerns on this page or any of the other articles I’ve posted!

Let’s keep a dialogue going about these interesting topics!

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