From a Hollywood movie star preparing for his next buff looking role, to an elite athlete improving their fitness for the next season, to a businessman maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to a multi-tasking mum wanting to look great for her next summer holiday – many of us around the world are reaching our goals with the use of a Personal Trainer!

In this article I will explain why YOU should consider using a PT and the benefits of doing so.

1. Motivation

This is probably the most obvious reason for hiring a personal trainer, for those moments where you just don’t feel like pushing yourself past the comfort zone.

Lifting that last rep, running that last 100m and holding that plank for another 10 seconds makes all the difference, and that’s where the encouragement of a PT can really push you to find your potential. It may be the push your body has always been needing.

2. Improve fitness for a better lifestyle

Many people think personal training is just for people looking for extreme fitness, but this is wrong.

A PT will address your body as a whole picture inside and out, which will then affect many parts of your life resulting in a more comfortable day to day life, such as sleep quality, posture, energy, illness/disease prevention, positive attitude and much more!

3. The power of accountability

Us as humans sometimes don’t mind letting ourselves down. When our intentions are a secret to others, it’s easy to give up on ourselves.

There is something extremely powerful about telling your personal trainer your goals because you don’t want to let them down as well as yourself.

This will affect small things such as not missing sessions, doing your sessions outside of PT time, being consistent with your diet and lifestyle changes. The drive for wanting to impress your PT and the fear of not succeeding with be enough to help you make the right choices.

4. Spotting & Technique

I’m sure you’ve been in the gym before and have wondered if you’re executing the right technique or maybe you’re scared to lift a particular weight because there isn’t someone there to help you.

Having a personal trainer will make sure all your exercise techniques are safe and effective as well as spotting you on your last few heavy reps to make sure get the most out of your set.

These last tough reps are actually very important for intensity and forcing lean tissue growth and burning fat.

should i hire a personal trainer_25. Knowledge & experience

If you hired a PT, I bet you’re not their first client!… Using a PT is a great way to take advantage of all the knowledge and experience that person has already gained.

Not only this, but if you had any specific issues or requests then it is the PT’s responsibility to do some research and further reading for you. Now that’s good service!

6. Reach & maintain

The majority of people looking for PT will be aiming to reach a lower body fat percentage and better fitness. Spending time with a personal trainer is a proven way to not only reach your goals but also maintain them by building good habits for life!

7. Unique focus

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a personal training is because it’s personal!

The training sessions are tailored to you and your goals, using your strengths and working on your weaknesses.

A PT can focus on helping you overcome obstacles that have previously caused you to fail, what dietary and supplementation guidelines are appropriate and work around injuries and using rehabilitation.

8. Don’t waste time

You won’t be wasting time by chatting, procrastinating, avoiding exercises that scare you etc. With a PT you find the right way to train with the right programme design and types of equipment to use for best results.

There may have been exercises you previously avoided due to lack of confidence or understanding, however with a PT your confidence is in them to show you.

9. Learn new skills

We all have various hobbies, sports or activities we enjoy in our spare time and wouldn’t it be great if what we did in the gym could increase our skill level in those activities? Well, it can.

For example: your golf swing, your reaction timing or simply strength in your core to benefit horse riding or playing games with your children.

10. Body & mind

Having a personal trainer could be the doorway to realising your own potential. Being fit and active is only the beginning when improving your life, by increasing your energy and passion for life there isn’t anything you can’t now achieve!

Taking control over your mind and body you could be pushing your personal limits higher than ever before in fitness, career and relationships!

If for some reason I haven’t managed to persuade you, or maybe you love the idea of training alone and you are motivated enough to do so, then why not check out my #CrockFit programmes – 12 week programmes designed to transform your body.

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