Has exercise established discipline in your life yet? If so, how has exercise disciplined your life? And what are some self discipline exercises?

There are many ways to learn about yourself and learn to be disciplined. I believe that exercise enhances your discipline regardless of your fitness levels or whether you are male or female. It works for all!

I fell in love with anatomy and fitness and due to my appreciation for it I became more and more disciplined toward exercise and life the more I learned.


Even if you do not particularly like exercise, sports, fitness you can still discipline your life with exercise. The challenges that come with exercising – speed, strength, balance, mobility – are invaluable.

The kind of equipment you want to use: dumbbells, bands, barbells, kettlebells or bodyweight. biking, skating, swimming, different forms of dancing, walking hills. Indoors, outdoors, on your own or with others…

Challenge yourself!

The challenge to do more. Run faster, lift heavier, do more repetitions during one workout, circuit or pyramid training. Seeing the positive results of how your body responds to what you do each day and night will definitely help motivate and discipline each individual.

The discipline to do it for yourself and help others with your physical abilities when you can. The knowledge and discipline to know that you can help someone in need.

My dad told about a dream that he had…

The house was on fire and he was the only one awake. He said that he was able to get everyone out of the house except for one. Whether he really had that dream or not, by telling me that 22 years ago that changed my life and my workouts forever. Mastering my mental and physical strength for myself and helping others as needed.

self discipline exercises_2

I personally love to sprint up hills, lift heavy, use bands from bodylastics.com, circuit training with speed and sometimes heavy circuits (I love heavy!). Long bike rides in different directions and short rides with my bike on stronger gears.

As owner and trainer of my business I have the discipline and love the challenge of taking the guesswork out of the programs that my clients are asked to do, while preventing injury, increasing strength, increasing flexibility, increasing balance and confidence for each client ages 10 and older.

Discipline is installed in the mind of each individual differently

I am determined to try different equipment, locations, speeds and loads every workout I do.

Do you have your own goals? Do you have your own equipment? Do you prefer to exercise alone? Figure these things out. Enjoy the journey of becoming and staying healthy and fit. Try different things with different people. If you do not know what you are doing ask someone that you believe does know and is qualified to offer guidance and advice. Or look around here at WatchFit where there is tons of information!

To help with discipline and results I offer online fitness and nutrition programs as well as 1 on 1 and small group training in Rochester, NY 14624. Visit my profile page for details and contacts.

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