Many people are becoming more and more aware of the training benefits of sandbag workouts. But they are not just for the gym or sports training facilities. their value for the battlefield has been formally recognised…

Introduction into the UK Armed Forces

After rigorous testing in one of the world’s leading military facilities, sandbag product Powerbag was formally endorsed as a fitness training and rehabilitation product by the UK Armed Forces.


Having already proved an invaluable conditioning and performance enhancing aid for elite sports people across the world in disciplines from rugby and boxing to racket sports and motor racing, Headley Court (Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre) recommended that Powerbags should be widely adopted throughout the three arms of the British Forces.

Hundreds were sent out to front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan.

bench press delt press 2Incorporation into the programme

Passing an intensive three-month trial period they went on to become a key element of Royal Marines and Parachute Regiment physical training resources.

The official written report from Headley Court observed Powerbags ease of transportation, space efficient qualities and multiple exercise applications enabled soldiers to undertake all elements of their physical rehabilitation programmes.

The report highlighted the ease of transportation either en mass to operational theatres or individually by troops and it also picked up on the product’s remarkable versatility in a variety of locations and environments.

All of which is not just good for this particular brand but for the whole concept of sandbag training which has often been seen as rather specialist, but is ideal for anybody serious about achieving great fitness, strength, conditioning and fat loss results.

Sandbag training

Powerbag creator Dr Mark Bellamy observed, “The beauty of the product is that all the same attributes that make them ideal for children’s PE lessons, international rugby training programmes or gym classes are the very reasons they’ve passed the sternest military testing and have been taken on by our troops”.

british military sandbag training_3

* WatchFit expert Joey Bull help devise a number of Powerbag training protocols

Dr Bellamy added, “They are safe, convenient, versatile and – above all – effective in providing maximum strengthening, mobility and coordination exercise options.

They have proven to be ideal not just for the playground, gym or sports field but also the extreme environments of modern military life”.

From its earliest days of development Powerbag led sandbag training caught the eye of all branches of the Forces including Britain’s most elite combat units.

“We’ve always had a presence in this field and terrific feedback from various regiments and individual soldiers, however this Operational Report from Headley Court, which is perhaps the leading facility of its kind in the world, really is an ultimate endorsement and a great boost for the whole notion of sandbag training”, he said.

The report concluded that Powerbag’s combined attributes made it the ideal tool for the military’s physical training and rehabilitation work.

british military sandbag training_4The vinyl covered sand filled bags are compact, hard wearing and available in weights from 3kg-25kg (heavier available on special order).

Tough and durable they’re ideal for use on any surface indoors and outside – ideal for the changing environments in which the military operates.

The idea behind sandbag training is that you are working with an unstable and shifting weight – unlike dumbbells and barbells – and they always demand more from your body. Precision and quality of movement is critical and more of the body is recruited to ensure this happens.

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