When is the best time to workout?

It is a questions often asked  and everyone has their own answer to it.

For me the best time is in the morning before heading to work; I just do not have the energy to workout after work. For others the best time is their lunch break, on their way home, or even during their child’s nap time.


Truthfully this is another question that the answer depends on the individual’s situation.

The best time to workout is whenever you will actually do it!

I asked fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors how they make sure they get their workouts in. Everyone agrees that scheduling your workout or putting it on your calendar, just like any other appointment or meeting, is key.

Your workout is a date with yourself and sometimes is the only me time that can be etched out in a busy schedule.

Schedule your dates & times

At the beginning or end of each month, depending upon when you do your planning, take out your calendar and see where you have free time to complete your workouts. (It’s ok if it is not the same time every day.)

Schedule these time slots, specifying whether your workout will be at home, the gym, or outside (i.e. for a run or bike ride). Set up reminders to go off the night before so that you can bring a change of clothes with you when needed.

when is the best time to workout_3Because she does not get to the gym as much as she would like to Catherine of foodie ecology constantly reminds herself that her workout is her time and cherishes those endorphins.

Ashley of A Healthy Happier Bear completes her workouts before work to make sure she starts the day energized.

Melissa of Eat for Fuel goes straight from work to the gym or home to change for her workout right away so she has no excuses and no chance of procrastination.

The type of exercise you are doing can vary the best time to workout.

Morning cardio is believed to burn more body fat than the afternoon. Working out in the morning also can energize you more and better regulate your metabolism.

Afternoon exercise is believed to be better for improving performance and increasing strength.

Late night exercise can be a stress reliever from a tough day.

Tai Chi practitioners sometimes complete forms in the morning to open themselves up to prepare for the day and in the afternoon to work out any kinks or relieve any stress that built up.

Yes, life or illness can get in the way of your workouts but it is not a reason to give up (unless ordered by your doctor to stop).

Missed today’s workout?

Swap what was scheduled with your next rest day, do a double workout tomorrow, or move it to the end of the program you’re following. So many options exist!

All in all there is no best time for everyone to workout. You just have to get out there and do it!

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