New Year, new inspiration? Well, here it is! If you are stuck with your old weight training routine and need a few ideas on how to vary your programs and get even stronger? Try these 3 workouts:

1. Start every minute!

This is a workout you can do with pretty much any heavy exercise. A challenging way to an interval workout and at the same time an opportunity to master your technique. Don’t be fooled if the first 5 sets feel easy.


You need a timer set to 1 minute intervals.

Every minute you do 5 reps of a given exercise. The faster you are, the more time you can rest – new interval starts on next minute! Repeat same exercise for 10 sets.

Exercises and levels:

– Barbell squat 50-60% of body weight.
– Military press 25-35% of body weight.
– Deadlift 60-80% of body weight.
– Soft style KB Swing 25-35% of body weight.

Do not ever sacrifice the technique for a longer rest – if 5 repetitions is too much for you – go for 4 or even 3 in the beginning. Make sure you rest within sets but still make it heavy and challenging!

weight lifting workouts_2

2. Bring the HIIT!

Are you used to always doing the same kind of weight training? Same tempo, same intensity, same order of exercises? Let’s mix up some High Intensity Interval Training into your routine!

Mix a classic lifting exercise with a body weight exercise or a cardio exercise to create a new way of improving strength and endurance. By combining heavy and fast, you’ll push yourself more than you thought possible, without even knowing! This is fun!

Exercises and levels:

– 10 deadlifts 50% of body weight followed by 10 burpees (wanna make it even tougher – jump over the barbell for every burpee).
– 10 barbell squats 40% of body weight followed by 400 m sprint run.
– 10 military press 25-35% of body weight followed by 10 burpees.

3. Copycats on ladders!

For this workout you need a friend, because you are going to copy each other. Take an exercise, such as burpees, box jumps or deadlifts (don’t go too heavy on the barbell here, 40% of your body weight!) and do a ladder routine:

Person A: 1 burpees
Person B: 2 burpees
Person A: 2 burpees
Person B: 2 burpees and it goes on until 20

Make sure to cheer on each other, even if you are competing.

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