I have an amazing friend that loves her fitness routine and looks great, but I have never seen her at the gym or a class. Of course I had to ask what the secret was, and she told me that she simply did all her exercise first thing in the morning.

Studies show that we really should exercise around midday for the best results from our training, but of course that’s not always possible. Busy schedules, work, family and life in general gets in the way of even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast. As my friend explained, early morning workouts is the obvious solution.

Kickstart your day with endorphins


One of the great things about the morning workout is that the rest of the day can go ahead as normal, and you are safe in the knowledge that you are already ahead of the game.

We all know how great we feel after a good workout, so imagine that fitness high carrying you forward through the rest of the day. With endorphins rushing  through your body, you will feel ready to take on anything.

Your mind will be sharper and your positive mood will affect the way you present yourself all day. There’s also a few added extras that morning exercise can deliver to help you burn fat really quickly.

With your metabolism already kickstarted, you will be processing your breakfast and lunch much quicker, and keeping your appetite and cravings at bay. This boosted metabolic effect can really push your body into burning fat more effectively.

Other studies also show that exercising after your morning cup of coffee, can also have a positive fat burning effect. So I asked my friend what her routine was. The first step she made was to set her alarm fifteen minutes earlier than normal to give her time to get exercising.

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Start gradually, then add diversity to your workout

She started initially with just simple toning exercises such as the plank, press ups and squats. After she got into the habit of waking early to exercise, she increased the levels on her moves, making them slightly more difficult every week.

When I asked about weekends, she said that she eventually worked out a timetable that suited her requirements, but for the first month she only exercised on work days. Once she was into a rhythm she added a HIIT workout into her schedule.

A 4 minute Tabata session on Tuesday and Thursday varied her program. A mixture of toning Monday, Wednesday, Friday with her two Tabata sessions really made a difference in how she looked and felt.

With programs and quick HIIT videos readily available online, there was no end to the variations she could perform. Eventually, the schedule became second nature, in the same way she would normally get up and check her e mails, now she simply exercises before her normal morning routine.

I must admit, I was completely sold on her philosophy and more than impressed by the casual way she spoke of it. For many people, a visit to the gym or evening class can be a job in itself.

Early morning exercise seems to be a great way to get fit without worrying about time and availability. Why not give it a try, it may change the way you exercise forever!

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