Fitness Express is all about short and sharp sessions designed to deliver a great workout hit in the minimum time with maximum results. This issue it’s a legs blast that’ll have you hobbling to the showers in a positive way.

There’s no hiding from a tough legs session, as well as testing your strength it should also have you gasping for breath. Strong legs are essential for all-round fitness.

There’s much truth in the expression, ‘If you’re not squatting, you’re not training”. Compound leg movements, such as the squat, recruit the muscles of your backside and core, developing great functional fitness and countering the negative effects of spending hours sitting down in front of a desk.


If you play sport strong legs will improve performance and help safeguard you from injury. Include the Fitness Express leg blitz in your training plan and you’ll get a fantastic workout with all the above benefits and you’ll be able to wear your shorts or short shirts with pride.

The workout

Static wall squat

This is a classic pre-skiing holiday exercise that’ll test your mental resolve as much as your leg strength. Reckon you can beat Dr Thienna Ho’s record of 11 hours 51 minutes 14 seconds?

– Keep your back flat against the wall.

– No hands on thighs.

– Thighs parallel to the floor.

Barbell squat

Strong legs_2

Well, it wouldn’t be a leg workout without this exercise.

– Concentrate on keeping your core strong throughout the movement.

– Don’t take a sneaky rest by locking your knees out at the top of the movement.

– Don’t sacrifice form for weight. If you can’t get your thighs parallel to the floor, ditch a couple of plates.

Jump squat

Develops explosive power and really gets your heart and lungs working.

– Keep your knees soft on landing, sink fluidly into the squat and then explode.

– Stay balanced, keep your head up and don’t collapse forwards.

– Hold a medicine ball to up the intensity.

Single leg squat to bench

Excellent for getting your glutes firing properly.

– Lower slowly and under control.

– Try to lightly touch the bench with your bum but don’t bounce off it.

– Aid balance by holding your arms out in front of you.

– Really focus on using your backside muscles.

High bench step-ups

Prepare yourself for a real thigh burn, but dig deep, it’s almost over.

– Keep your head up and stand tall throughout.

– Step, ‘left, feet together, left down, feet together, right up and so on.

– Use a bench or step suitable for your height. It should be high enough to be a challenge but not impact on good form.

– Hold dumbbells to up the intensity.

Leg extension

Strong legs_3

Don’t knock it as not being a functional exercise, the leg extension is a great choice for finishing your legs off.

– Both up and down movements should be smooth and controlled – don’t kick.

– If you’ve got the time, work one leg at a time.

– Make sure you work through a full range of motion.

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