The phrase ‘time poor’ seems to be trotted out more and more these days and. let’s face it, with everything most of us have going on we can feel a bit pressed for time and it’s tough to get an hour workout. But we know we need to exercise so we have to do something about it!

We want to be leaner and burn fat. And we want to feel good, strong, healthy and agile. We want to look good. So what do we do to make a habit of something we don’t consistently feel we have time for? How can we make something so important a big part of our lives when our lives often struggle to contain our other tasks and commitments.

Make time – and make it count!

There will be no fueling yourself with feelings of disappointment and let down when you have workouts on your side that are quick, efficient bursts that actually make a difference! These will invigorate, energise, fire you up and deliver a great sense of satisfaction aswell.

This great sweat session is a super fast 7-minute fat shred workout that promises to deliver. It is tried, tested and proven.

Try this workout the next time you are super limited on time, need a quick stress-relief sweat session, or just fancy a quick blast! The reason is not as important as the action. Just do it!

A fast fat burn workout

The start of this workout gets you nice and warmed up. Then you move into full-body, dynamic movements meant to increase blood flow, heart rate and muscle tension.

Throughout the entirety of this workout you will work almost every muscle in your body, keeping your heart rate up (cardiovascular) and challenging your muscles (resistance). Mixing together cardiovascular & resistance exercise is key to upping the fat shred in a limited amount of time. This is truly thorough, balanced and comprehensive. And that leads to meaningful results!

So let’s get to it!

Here is an array of terrific exercises that hit the spot and are authentically effective:

:30   Jumping Jacks

:30   Bodyweight Squats 

fast fat burn workout_1

:30   Plank-Pushup-Row (no weight, just squeeze back muscle as you make “row” motion)

:30   Superman 

:30   Wide-Stance Burpee with Pushup

:30   Sumo Squat + Heel Lifts 

:30   Low Plank Hold (on forearms)

:30   Bodyweight Squats

1:00  Plank-Pushup-Row

:30   Superman

1:00  Wide-Stance Burpee with Pushup

:30   Low Plank Hold


Any time you need to rest, make sure you take a second and breathe.  Every time you do this workout – or one similar – you will be better for it and become stronger. Keep at it and know you CAN always make time for a great workout!

As with any exercise plan, you do need to push yourself to make a difference and achieve results, but be careful not to over extend yourself and attempt to reach levels of performance outside of your physical capabilities. That way lies injury, disappointment and, very likely, a period of time without any exercise at all.

Aim for incremental steady progress. Build sensibly and steadily and, if you are an exercise novice, it is always advisable to consult your doctor first.

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