Exercising in the summer can not only be difficult, it can be dangerous. With high temperatures and low motivation, a pool workout is the perfect alternative to your regular routine!

It provides amazing health benefits, is appropriate for all fitness levels, and will also keep you cool as the temperature starts to rise. These are some of my favorite aqua fitness exercises to help you build a better body this summer!

Standing Single Leg Sweep

(Inner and Outer Thigh)-Standing in water at least up to your hips, lift one leg up parallel to the floor, keeping the leg as straight as possible sweep the leg out to the side and back.

To incorporate the abs and add a balance challenge, bring both hands back behind your head and work to keep everything from the belly button to the top of the head perfectly still. If you find it difficult to keep still or to keep your leg up in the air, you can hold on to the edge of the pool for support.

Knee Tuck (Abs)

Begin in water that is at least shoulder height. Engage the abdominal muscles and pull both legs into the chest. To easy? Take it to the deep! Not having the ground underneath you will really take this exercise up a notch.

Your stomach will be working the whole time. This exercise will get the heart pumping and the abs working.Aqua Fitness Exercises_2Single Arm Flies (Chest and Back)

Start with arms underwater and out in front of the body with thumbs pointed up and palms together. Then squeeze the shoulders together and pull one arm back to the side at chest level.

Return the arm to the starting position and switch to the other side. Make sure to keep the shoulders and hips facing forward. To increase the intensity you can increase the speed of the movement and/or add water weights! This exercise can be done in the shallow or the deep.

Jumping Jacks (Cardio/ Total Body)

Just like regular jacks but in the water! This exercise works both the upper body and the lower body and increases the heart rate for a high calorie burn. To start, bring your feet together and  arms down by your sides.

Then jump everything out, keeping arms under the water the whole time, and back in at your own pace. The faster you jump, the harder the exercise becomes. You can also add weights to increase intensity.

Donkey Kicks (Abs)

Hold on to the side of the pool with both feet on the wall. Kick both feet out straight behind you then, without touching the feet to the bottom of the pool, pull them back into the wall.

To increase intensity you can increase the rate of speed you perform the exercise. Also, you can hold a water weight between your feet. This will really fire up those abdominal muscles!

Perform each of these five exercises for 60 seconds three times through for a total body aqua fitness routine!


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