The famous CrossFit girls are a rigorous no nonsense collection of workouts that promises to challenge individuals both mentally and physically to support your goals and help results.

Coach Greg Glassman, CEO and Founder of Crossfit said “I thought that anything that left you flat on your back, looking up at the sky asking ‘what just happened to me?’ deserved a females name”.

The recommended three girls workouts in this article were chosen to ensure exercise stimulus was wide and varied to cover all fitness goals. They will help you earn those sexy athletic curves, whilst driving your performances through the roof to provide you with moral boosting plateau breaking results.


Exercise Tips

Please warm up correctly by raising your heart rate and implementing mobility work that suits the exercises you are about to perform to best prepare you both physically and mentally for the challenges ahead. I.e thrusters – squats and shoulder press movements.

Make sure you complete each repetition with full range of motion, or to the best of your ability. Do not be lazy by cutting corners during the workout–it is supposed to be hard! You can easily measure your improvement by noting your completion time, exercise range of motion & weight used and comparing with future results.

Crossfit girl workouts


(For Time – 21 reps/15reps/9reps)

This cornerstone workout needs no introduction. Fran is famous for its simplicity and fast pace. She is great for developing defined, firm muscle in all the right areas.

Ladies can expect to feel the burn and the joy that follows in their legs, thighs & butt.  Moving up the body, through the core this workout sculpts the mid section and further develops that “cut” look with strong arms and shoulders.

The aim of the game is to complete 21 repetitions of thrusters then pull ups, continuing to do 15 repetitions of thrusters & pull ups with a final round of 9 repetitions in the same exercise order as fast as possible. A stop watch or timer is required to keep an accurate time of your performance.

There is an added bonus with this workout which becomes obvious – there is very little cardio (running etc), BUT by the time you finish you will feel like you ran miles.

1. Thrusters @95male/75lbs female

(Safety: Heels on the floor, hips back during the squat, push knees to the outside to allow hips to pass lower)

2. Pull Ups

(Safety: If you cannot hold body weight, please use bands or boxes to promote strength/technique development)

Guidelines to aspire to:

Sub 10 minute finish  – Good

Sub 5 minute finish  –  Awesome

Sub 3 minute finish  – Fitness Ninja


(5 Rounds For Time)

This babe is no push over, in fact ‘Nancy’ is the one who usually does the pushing!! Nancy consists of a 400m run for cardio, finishing off with 15 repetitions of overhead squats at 75lbs (Please use an adequate weight for your ability level).

This is repeated for a total of 5 rounds, marking your completion time at the finish to compare at a future date.  Nancy builds b-e-a-utiful legs and buns of steel, with added cardio keeping the heart rate up to ensure bulking up never happen. Trim and curvy is what Nancy is all about!

1. 400m Run

2. Overhead Squats: 15 reps @ 95lbs male/75lbs female

Crossfit girl_2


(5 Rounds for Time – 3 minutes rest between rounds)

Lovely Barbara is a traditional lady, who loves the basics and performs them well. An ‘All Rounder’, Barbara likes to work, rest & play.

The aim is to perform this to the best of your ability by completing all exercises and repetitions once through without compromising form, with minimal rest in between exercises. Remember, these workouts are a test of what you can do now.

The rest come straight after for 3 minutes to promote recovery and aid performance throughout the workout. All you need to do now is repeat the round a total of 5 times. A stopwatch or timer is required, how quick can you complete Nancy in?

1. Pull Ups: 20 repetitions

2. Push Ups: 30 repetitions

3. Sit Ups: 40 repetitions

4. Squats: 50 repetitions

Cool down.

Cool down should follow any of these workouts for a minimum of 10 minutes. The cool down is an underestimated area of the workout experience which we in general do not give enough time towards.

Cool down promote recovery, recovery allows us to see quicker gains – Quicker gains drive us to reach goals. Consider foam rolling, recovery nutrition, stretching to assist in muscle flushing: Riding the body of waste product left over from the energy expenditure.

Take in lots of water prior, during and after these workouts, hydration is a vital ingredient of health & fitness. For further information you can contact me anytime via email. Good luck!!!

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