Christmas is upon us once again and to many that signals a significant amount of eating. But did you realise the average person consumes around 7000 calories on Christmas Day!

Overeating this amount of food can quite literally send you to sleep with exercise being the very last thing on your To Do list.

So with this in mind, wouldn’t it be great to know the best damage limitation tricks to stop this day long gluttony from piling on the pounds and reducing you to a lethargic sloth? Of course it would!


Just for you I have given this some serious thought and here is my recommended course of action…

Pre-Christmas Dinner Workout

Time to light your fat burning furnace and encourage your body to torch those excess calories.

With your Turkey in the oven and other things all looking after themselves for the moment, here is a little 10 minute workout to fire up your fat burning metabolism.

It is best to do this in a fasted state which I appreciate is not easiest at this time of year and on this day!

So either aim for it first thing in the morning or a minimum two hours after your last food. For even better results, you could do both!

Warm-up: 5 minutes

Perform each move for 1 minute each:

1. Star jumps
2. Alternate lunges
3. Body weight squats
4. High Knees (low or high impact)
5. Press ups (knees or toes)

christmas exercises_2

Workout: 5 minutes

Perform each move for 1 minute each only resting when you physically can’t do any more:

1. Plank
2. Run up and down your stairs (2 steps up for greater results)
3. Burpees
4. Squat jumps
5. Lunge jumps

Ideally you will get the burn in your muscles and will be breathing heavily. To the point where you can’t comfortably talk and you need to physically stop to catch your breath.

When you have completed this, just walk around for 5-10 minutes until your heart rate is recovered and returns to steady.

After Christmas Dinner

After you have eaten your Christmas dinner, there’s not much better than going for a good walk and I know many families do this as a matter of some tradition.

But beyond just being a family activity, it serves a great physical purpose too.

A decent walk of around 15 minutes minimum will not only wake you up, it will also encourage better digestion and control of blood sugar levels and triglycerides.

This means it will be less likely that your body will take it upon itself to store excesses as fat. As a result I can assure you, you will feel better the next day!

However…it is Christmas

There will probably be experts out there, with all the right intentions, telling you to abstain from this and substitute that.

That is not a route I personally like to go down, after all, if you can’t have a proper blowout on Christmas Day, then when can you? What I prefer to advocate are the above helpful and preventative measures.

So enjoy your Christmas dinner without guilt knowing that the pre-Christmas dinner workout you have completed will be keeping your fat burning furnace alight and will see you nicely into Boxing Day too!

Big love, small tummies!

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