Online personal training?  Can people really achieve their goals by working with a coach online?  Do we need the one-on-one personal interaction to become successful and achieve our goals?


I’m here to tell you that there are many benefits of online personal training and I have seen people achieve amazing body transformation from working online.

With rapid advancements in technology, online training is becoming more popular.  Online coaching can be done in a convenient, personalized service to the client.

Online coaching can be customized to the client and it can be laid out to a client in a step by step, easy to understand manner.

Here are some of the benefits of online personal training:

Convenience for the client:  With online training/coaching, the client has the freedom to complete tasks and learn at their own pace and are not tied down to a schedule where they have to be somewhere face to face.

Support from others:  My Metabolic Precision online clients all get put into a closed, private online group where they can share, encourage, learn and grow together.  Some people have the idea that online training in impersonal, but this is not the case.  Actually, it can be very interactive and I’ve seen people meet new friends and become very sociable online.

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Comprehensive learning:  Metabolic Precision online coaching is very comprehensive in that it covers all the different phases of learning. Did you know that for “new” information to be retained and applied it often requires five phases of cognitive processing that involve reading, comprehension, visuals, audio and feedback.  Metabolic precision online coaching covers all of these phases of learning.

Accountability & individualized:  The most important part in face to face or online training is accountability.  Online coaching provides complete accountability from the client to the coach.  With Metabolic Precision online coaching, I provide customized feedback to clients to make sure they are learning the material and to keep them on track to success.

Interactive: Metabolic Precision online coaching is very interactive.  All the key functionalities of the face to face MP program are in interactive, on-line applications that can be completed at the client’s convenience.  Online tutorials such as: Metabolic Classification, Nutrition IQ, MP 10 Point System, MP Meal Compliance, Metabolic Nutrition 7-day recalls, Goal Setting & Accountability, Six Secrets of Success, How to Reprogram Habits, How to be Calorie Aware, plus more is all part of the online course.

So there you have it!  There are some really key benefits of online training!  The fact that you can work with an expert in a convenient manner on your own timetable is priceless.

Metabolic Precision online coaching is the ONLY online science based research proven nutrition program available anywhere in the world.

Clear and concise guidelines, no half-baked theories.  This program has the ability to help you melt fat away from your body.

MP On-line coaching covers the MP format normally deliver face-to-face.  It’s very comprehensive, highly interactive, yet easy to follow and value packed full of exclusive tutorials, videos and materials.

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