A 10 Minute Workout

Here is a quick and intense 10 minute workout that will truly engage your metabolic system and keep it firing all day. After a quick mobilisation of all the major joints (circling wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, hips and waist),  we can start the 10 Minute Workout. All you require is an exercise bike (Airdyne is my preference), along with a timer, clock (with second hand) or stopwatch and a space big enough to lay down.

Start on the exercise bike with a 60 second warm-up (medium pace), then at the end of 60 seconds go into a 20 second flat out sprint – (this is where Airdyne-type bikes work best as they work arms and legs simultaneously). Immediately after the 20 second sprint, jump off the bike and perform 3 x burpees, 3 x press ups and 3 x sit ups. Then it’s back on the bike for 20 seconds sprint.

When you have completed the sprint it’s back off the bike and again perform the floor exercises, but this time 4 of each. Sit back on the bike for 20 more seconds, and again when this is over perform the exercises, but increase to 5 of each. This time after your 20 second sprint, perform 4 x each exercise and after the the final 20 second bike sprint finish with 3 of each exercise.

It’s a simple ladder routine that  will be completed in under 10 minutes.

10 minute workout

Finally a quick warm down and a light stretch of the main muscle groups:

Hamstrings – Sit on the floor with one leg stretched out in front of you and the other leg bent with the foot pulled in towards the groin and close to the floor. Keeping the back straight reach forwards with both arms and grab the outstretched leg as far down as possible. Hold for 20 seconds then repeat with the other leg.

Adductors – To stretch the short adductors bring both feet in so the soles are touching, ease the knees towards the floor and hold for 20 seconds, then straighten the legs and pull them out to the sides again, lean forwards and hold.

Quads – Stand up and holding onto something for support bend one leg  behind you and with the same side arm hold the foot, again hold for 20 seconds and then repeat on other leg.

Calves –  Stand upright and take a step forwards, with the front leg slightly bent  push the heel of the back foot into the ground, making sure the rear foot is pointing straight ahead.

Mid Back – Stand with slightly bent knees, bring your arms forward with palms facing you, interlace fingers and push your arms forward rounding your back, hold this for 20 seconds

This will give you a 10 minute workout  that will help boost your cardiovascular fitness, activate your metabolism and build strength into your legs, upper back, chest and arms. It is also a fun and challenging workout!

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