So you want to hit home runs? Or maybe you want to hit a screaming slap shot or even hit a golf ball miles straight down the fairway.

Well, if you are trying to get better at any sport that requires rotation, you need some rotational power training.

When it comes to rotational power there are three things you must understand:

1.You need adequate mobility

2.You need to have the ability to control your torso

3.You need strength in your hips.

If you are missing any one of the above pieces of the rotational puzzle, your rotational power will be limited.



Mobility plays a big role in developing power, but it also allows you to stay healthy and not constantly ask other body parts to pick up the slack because you don’t have the mobility to rotate correctly.

Lack of mobility is most commonly seen in the thoracic spine. When you lack mobility to rotate through your thoracic spine you ask the joints above and below to make up the range in motion. In this case, that extra work falls to the lumbar spine.

A similar situation is often seen in the hip’s inability to internally rotate. If your hips lack the mobility to internally rotate, they will get extra mobility from the knees and the lumbar spine, the all-too-willing-to-help joint.

Lack of mobility over time will result in the knees and lower back aching a little more and more over time, possibly resulting in an injury.

Exercises to do…

Prone T Spine Mobility

Lying Internal Rotations

Your Torso

Many people don’t understand where rotation should originate. As mentioned above, most people create a lot of movement at the lower back, but the origin of the movement should be through the hips and thoracic spine.


Movement should happen at both the hips and shoulders when you rotate; they should move as one piece. As your hips turn, so will your shoulders. When you lose the connection between your hips and your shoulders you lose the ability to efficiently transfer power from the lower body to the upper body.

The best way to think about this is to imagine your hips and shoulder as two ends of a power plug. If you rotate just the top or just the bottom of the plug, it will disconnect and you will lose power. The same thing happens when you overextend the cord from the bottom – it comes unplugged and you lose power. When the plug is connected you will create optimal power output.

How to Rotate

Strength and Rotational Exercises

Strength is power’s best friend and lack of strength is its kryptonite. If you’re not putting some time in at the weight room, then you should not expect any significant improvements in your power output.

The best way to develop strength is to do a healthy dose of squats, deadlifts, bench press, pull ups, and rows. You should also incorporate exercises like kettlebell swings, jumps, and sprints for increasing rotational power. These fast, explosive power exercises will help get your muscles used to contracting quickly and developing force quickly.

Rotational Exercises


Rotational power starts with a good base of mobility and strength. Follow that up with a good understanding of how to create rotational power and you will be swinging, hitting, and driving harder than ever.

Next time you’re at the gym, give a few of these totational power training exercises a try.

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