The Rock Solid power couple continue, from Part 1, to share more of their training techniques and success stories… 

Does mentoring and motivating come naturally to you as trainers?

B: I would say it did not, because in the beginning I had to mentor myself. Start with me before I could help my clients, and to this day I am still learning. Getting mentored myself by my coaches so I can discover more, so I can pass that onto my clients.


L: I’ve always been the ‘go to girl’ for advice, even when I was younger, so for me it has always been something of a natural ability. However like Baz I needed to look deeper inside myself to challenge myself by being mentored by the best, to then be able to empathise with our clients and help them to develop themselves.

You’ve got a lot of publicity for high-intensity programmes. This is great, but what would you recommend to readers who are wanting to change their lifestyle and might be new to fitness?

B: Find something you enjoy doing to start with.

L: Yes sure, you see if you try to be something your are not happy with, and you try to do something which does not fit into your lifestyle, the odds are stacked against you and it is not going to be sustainable.

B: Find the main reason that you started, find your Why. Get a coach or an accountability partner to help you. Support is key.

L: And most of all DON’T put any expectations on yourself. Enjoy and embrace a new journey, a new you and take each day as it comes. One day at a time.

B: Small changes make big impacts.

How does your programme compare to other combined ones in the industry? What makes you different?

L: and B: We are just going to let our guys handle that one…

Toni: Personal, uniquely tailored to each client. Your clients aren’t statistics, they are all treated as individuals as if every single one is your very first.

Laura: You & Barry are what stand you out from the crowd. Charisma, passion and honestly caring, you both put yourselves out there which helps every single client relate to you & believe they too can achieve.

Marion: For me it’s definitely the personal touch. And the fact that you really get to know your clients and have a genuine interest in people.

Angela: Definitely the personal treatment, from the 1-to-1, to being able to train in your own gym, the fact we can contact you any time and you always reply with honesty. You know your stuff, you have so much knowledge and are willing to share it, and how genuinely happy you are for the people you help.

Jewels: You don’t just tackle the physical / food side, you place as much value on mind power, emotional crutches, helping your clients develop self awareness and finding out what motivates. You don’t pull any punches but at the same time you are very empathetic and genuinely caring.

You pushed my mental boundaries big time. I ran faster for 5km than I have ever run before because you told me my mind will give in way before my body. I also ran the furthest I have ever run in my life (17.2km) for the same reason.

Barry & Laura Ash Q&A_2I let go of some baggage, took off my rose coloured specs and faced a few home truths. You taught me to recognise my excuses and genuine barriers versus fears. You also taught me that listening to my body is key and that it’s OK to hold back when necessary.

You taught me a lot about food and my enemy sugar. Finally you let me be very real with you and as I continue on my journey taking steps towards my goal. I am strong and fit and happy. The only limitations I have are the ones I place on myself.

And your own stories…they are so empowering and inspiring.

Do you have any particular success stories with client’s you can share?

L: To be honest there are loads over the past 2.5 years. We have worked with over 130 people and each and every one of those guys have been able to make impactive changes in their lives, not just physically, but mentally and in their careers and relationships.

B: I can think off the top of my head in the last six months alone we helped six people who, half way through working with us, realised their REAL calling in life. They had been able to change their lives so dramatically and change their self beliefs and confidence in them that they upped and left their jobs and started working for themselves.

L: Sure we can tell you how we tripled people’s profits, lost x&y amount of weight, and got lots of lovely comments, but for us results are not based on the scales and how much you can lose, or tone up – that’s just relatively superficial stuff which makes you feel good on the outside. It is something that can be taken away from you at any time.

The real results are how you are able to impact someone life on a very different level, and for someone to change the course of their career and life because of a change in their own beliefs is pretty radical and a massive success story in our eyes.

What top three fitness tips would you give WatchFit readers?

B: 1. Be consistent and persistent in whatever you do.

L: 2. Find your Why – it is in the darkest days when you want to throw it all in that this will be your lifeline

B: 3. Every day do SOMETHING to challenge you – to push you OUT of your comfort zone.

What have you got coming up for the future of Rock Solid?

L: The future is very bright for Rock Solid. We recently won a competition where we pitched our idea for children books and won! These are well on their way. We are aiming to educate children about food, getting them to understand where their food comes from and how it effects their bodies.

B: I know we have some exciting projects coming up with Jessie Pavelka and his company. And we are starting to roll out Rock Solid Days where we educate people on nutrition and food and then get to the read nitty gritty mindset, where we are able to make instant impactive changes in just one day with our guys. It’s very exciting!

L: Plus watch out for us on a stage near you – as we are putting ourselves out there in the public arena to do public speaking to help motivate and educate the UK in Food, Fitness, Lifestyle and mindset.

And of course you’ll be seeing more of us here at WatchFit which is wonderful. Look out for our articles and Plans to download!

Together you’ve covered a lot of bases with active careers and lives. What’s next?

L: Baz and I are ALWAYS improving ourselves, trying new things and aiming to be better than we were yesterday. It’s important to us. For me I am venturing on a new journey with fitness. I and working with my coach Vik Hothi (AKA The Master) to make me a fighter. I am learning so much about my body and my reactions it’s incredible and it has made me see my body in a brand new way.

B: And we are learning Spanish at the moment! Lol!I want to learn more about ME. I’m looking at doing an endurance challenge next year, either Lands’ End to John O’Groats or Lands’ End to Folkestone on a bike.

L: This year we have said we want to expand our reach get to meet new people….so we may well be seeing you soon! Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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