I am so excited to write about this subject! If we just look around, we see all kinds of exercise programs and routines.

These days we see many names for them too…..”Amazing Workout”, “Astonishing Workout”, “Out-of-this-World Workout”, “Atomic Workout”, “Titanium Workout”. Heck…why not “The Insane, No-Hassle, Explosive, Kettle Ball, Nitro, Inter-Planetary Workout”?!?

Just kidding, but you see my point. All these names and fads attached to good ole exercise. I suppose it sells, and it catches one’s interest, but the ONE THING they all have in common?



As we know, from a physiological perspective, the human body is not static, rather it is always changing… for the good or for the bad. The entire point of our industry is to promote the good changes.

Simplest way to do that? Put the body through natural movement with a bit of extra workload. Once the human body experiences this additional workload, it becomes a bit alarmed and sets out to improve itself in case it experiences this extra workload again (just a biological reaction which is part of our natural survival instinct).

This is the very basis of Resistance Training.

Just as you see in my company’s name, Common Sense Fitness, I always try to stay as down to earth as possible, stay as sensible as possible, and keep things as simple as possible.

Physical maintenance of the body always involves resistance. Simple as that…

Now… what is resistance training ? Here’s what we must organize:

What, How, When, Where


There are many ways to train our muscular system. What movements do we perform? My basic recommendation is putting our bodies and their limbs through normal movements.

By this I mean movement that actually accomplishes some productive function (ex: bending over, squatting down, throwing with the arms, etc)

Of the myriad of movements out there, always pick the ones that don’t look like some kind of circus act, rather look and feel normal and don’t put undue stress across our joints.


Here’s where we get into equipment and programs. While we can always opt for fancy, expensive equipment, don’t forget that the order of the day is to simply add some resistance to movement. This can be done with just our body weight, dumbbells, or things like rubber tubing bands.

Training programs can vary but they need to include variety with weight, reps, rest periods, etc. in order to fully train our muscle system for improved endurance, building of lean tissues, strength, and power.

what is resistance training2


There has been quite a bit of research as to what time of the day is ideal for exercise. What it boils down to is that there is no real clear answer right or wrong.

Just get your exercise most days. Personally, I feel just before a mealtime is nice because you will be fueling the body when it needs it the most….just after a workout. This replaces nutrients the body needs to recover and improve.


Lots of great ideas here too…health clubs and gyms are built for this. But your garage or spare bedroom works just fine for some. Indoors, outdoors…wherever you are most comfortable and where it is as convenient as possible.

The idea is to just set up your exercise environment to promote doing it…whatever that takes.

These ideas are general in nature but it does get down to the simple fact that when we move the body with an extra added amount of load….that is the essence of “Resistance Training”.

There are lots of specifics to go along with these general thoughts, but….hey….that’s what WatchFit is here for…..and that’s what we contributing writers/editors are here for too: Many wonderful articles that encompass the entirety of health and fitness!

WatchFit Experts change lives!

And they can do the same for you.


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