As someone who has had a long time to explore the wacky world of fitness, I have found only in recent years that as I get older, I have actively decided to refine my client base.

Now I am sure that for many of you that teach and work in the industry, the opening gambit of this article will have you frowning at the thought of this.

Let’s face it, in this day and age, every business is eager to increase their customer base.


Generating traffic

You just need to look at the lengths that some companies will go to, in order to advertise their product and get more foot fall. Major companies will spend millions on advertising with the sole aim of getting more people on board.

Social media plays it’s part, I bet you can’t go through your Facebook feed without someone shouting about how great their class/gym/personal training sessions are, as they all want custom.

It’s the nature of business to get as much people as possible to support you and your business model at whatever the cost.

Is there ever a time when a business could do without certain clients?

Is there ever a time in the evolution of your business, when you dream about letting a few of your hard earned clients go?

Now, at this point in the article, I know that some of you will still be frowning but a hand full of you may now be nodding in smug acknowledgement, and those of you nodding will probably have been, like me, in this industry for a long time.

refine your client base_2You see, in business you never know what will happen to you next

You can plan and evaluate all you want, but you have no idea of the curve balls that will be thrown at you from left field, just when you least expect it.

You can read all the manuals on the internet, and something will still manage to creep up and surprise you, just when you think you have it sussed.

Over the last few years, I have suddenly realised how important it can be to refine your client base.

For someone in business, being self employed and fighting for every penny earned, this came as a huge switch in perspective. It was almost like an epiphany when the smoke cleared and I could see that not every customer is a good customer. In fact, some of them could be downright liabilities.

What’s even more interesting,is at the half way point of this feature I’m still wondering how I can get this point across you to you, dear reader, without sounding like a complete fool.

I guess the best way, in the tradition of all great fitness articles, is to give you a case study, and hope you can relate, or envisage a time when you may relate. So tomorrow, look out for Part 2 of ‘Instructors, do you refine your clients?’

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