Summer can often mean a drop in attendance at gyms and fitness classes–the good weather, school breaks and vacations conspire against us. As well as those obvious reasons, there are often other factors that can result in a sharp decline in the numbers at our sessions.

For PT’s and instructors, the long Summer weeks ahead can seem daunting. However, it can be looked at as an opportunity to overhaul your classes and rebrand your business. For group exercise instructors that teach mainly cardio based sessions, there is an answer to combat the Summer drop off. 

Summer fitness: Rebrand your classes

In the run up to the school break, classes can be renamed to encourage people to attend. Changing the name of a class, or the way you present it, can be really effective without you having to re train or prepare new lesson plans.

Encourage new clients to attend by offering a “Countdown to Summer” session. Your usual aerobics session now has a focus for clients, and by introducing more high intensity moves, you can gear them up to blasting away the calories at your “new” class. Shake up your toning sessions by advertising as a “Beach Body” class.

Prepare  your clients up for a new class that will concentrate on shaping their muscles up to show off on the beach. Similarly, run “Bikini Body” lessons, that will help attendees get ready to go on vacation in great shape. By slightly tweaking your sessions, you can rebrand your regularly scheduled classes in a new and exciting way.

Holiday summer workouts

Introduce new “pop up” classes outdoors for those exercisers that love to be out in the open. 30 minute cardio, or strength classes in the park or on the beach, will inspire people to attend. Check with local authorities first though, and make sure you have permission.

rebrand classes summer_2

Another great and easily managed class is a gentle running or walking group while the sun is shining. Perhaps you have never thought of taking a group of clients out for a run with you, but when the weather is nice, this can be a great way of bonding with clients and adding a new string to your bow.

Get flexible

Finally, try arranging classes at different times of the day for over the Summer break. If people have plans for days out, surprise them with early morning classes so they can exercise before the day begins. Think of shorter sessions that are relevant to what they want to achieve.

A 6.30am HIIT class may not work in November, but those early risers over Summer may see this as a great chance to workout then move on. Summer may not be the business downturn that you normally expect. Be creative, take advantage of the season and re launch yourself as the Summer fitness expert that everyone wants to visit.

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