It is time to put your commitment to the test – your commitment to fitness!

With winter rolling in, we’ve been looking for ways to keep warm and fit – and what’s better than combining this with one-on-one time with your partner? 

Join us as our Experts share their favourite partner combination exercises they’ll be using to keep toned up and loved up this winter!


Peter Weintraub – Regular Push-Up

“Facing each other in a push-up position, both individuals will perform the descent of a regular push-up. On the way up, the couple will slap hands before descending into the next push-up, then repeat using the opposite hand.”

Henry Van Der Walt – Partner Exercises

” Glad to be asked and would love to help! Here follows some partner exercises…

1) In a push-up/plank position the couple face each other and start by raising the right arms touching the partner on their left shoulder repeat for the right arm…Next right arm up and touch palms of the hands and repeat for left arm – it can be progressed by lifting opposite foot off the ground or when pals touching hold onto the hand/forearm and gently pull.

2) Partner squats, face each other holding your partner with the opposite hand to theirs i.e right to left and left to right, then procede to squat…itcan be progressed by only holding on to one arm or introducing a jump at the end.

If you want any more please get do get in contact with me!”

Michael Keane – Plank Row Exercise

“A plank row. Both people are in a plank position on their forearms facing each other. They should be about an arm length and a half away from each other. They will also be slightly staggered so both of their right hands line up. They will lock right hands and pull one at a time while in the plank position creating resistance for one another.”

Lynn Freeston –  The Lover’s Pitch

“I always want my clients to think about balance and core as real important excessive areas to focus. There is a lot said on CV, weights and core but balance does tend to get left out.

So this exercise combines balance and core work.

“The Lover’s Pitch” 

1. Equipment needed – two healthy bodyies + two balance discs (optional depending on ability) and one small medicine ball or weighted object that can be safely thrown.

2. Each person sits on the balance disc facing each other, need to be close(ish)

3. One of them has the ball/object

4. Both participants bring their feet up and connect with their partner’s feet, toes to toes or flat footed.  So you have them balancing on the disc, with slightly bent knees. Holding this position throw the ball over to each other keeping balance.

Its extremely hard and lots of fun…you want fun in your couples workout.”

Louise Valentine – Wheelbarrow Push up-Squat Combo

couples winter workout 2” Take it back to the playground days with this fun and challenging take on an old-school favorite!  Begin with your hands placed on the floor, shoulder-width apart.  Have your partner lift and hold your feet.  With firm core engagement, walk your hands forward a few steps as your partner supports your legs from behind.

Stop and perform a push up.  As you go down into the push up have your partner complete a squat.  Continue to alternate walking a few steps forward with your hands and achieving as many push up-squat repetitions as possible!

Remember, coordinating the push up-squat combo takes time and teamwork, so keep an eye on each other’s form and work together!

Bonus: Really feeling like a go-getter?  After you complete the push-up have your partner overhead press your legs while holding the squat position.  Caution:  A total body burn will be in full-effect!”

Thank you to our fantastic Contributing Experts – we know we’ll be taking their advice!

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