Simple Workouts at Home

A friend of mine refuses to join the gym, and won’t come along to any of my fitness classes. He says he can’t find the time (that old excuse) and feels there are no classes available that he would enjoy.

For the past few years I thought he was just finding an easy way out, so last week I called his bluff.


I texted him about a class I was doing: ‘Dude, do you fancy coming to the HIIT class tonight?’.

He replied: ‘Would love too, but really busy’.

I replied: ‘It’s only 15 minute session, come along’.

He said: ‘Would love to, but snowed under at home… by the time I get ready, drive to gym, take class, get showered and drive home, the night is gone’.

So I said: ‘No worries, I will come to your place and we can do the class in your living room, will take fifteen minutes, I will see you in five’.

Then I turned my phone off and drove to his. You can imagine his reaction, but he knew I had stumped him and when I arrived he admitted defeat and said he would give me 15 minutes to work out.

Here’s what we did: after clearing a bit of space in his living room, we started with a warm up:

Alternate knee lifts, crossing opposite elbow to opposite knee – 1 minute.

Squats with kettlebell (I conveniently supplied) 1 minute, not too low, not too fast.

Boxers jog on the spot, lightly running 2 minutes (I brought a few tracks of music to take his mind off this).

Then to the interval, as he’s relatively fit, I had prepared an interval that would challenge him without terrifying him.

benefits of yoga for men_2So simple exercises, really easy to do at home and vigorous enough to make him sweat. I set my timer for 40 seconds on exercise, to 20 seconds of rest. I then picked 4 exercises that we would repeat twice.

Our first movement was Press Ups, 40 seconds as quick as he could, followed by 20 seconds of rest.

Our second exercise was a mountain climber, so same starting position as our press up, bringing alternating knees to chest in a running motion. 40 seconds on 20 seconds rest.

Our third exercise was simply a plank, on elbows and the balls of our feet and holding the spine straight.

40 seconds then our 20 second break.

I finished by getting us onto our feet and doing 40 seconds of jump jacks before another 20 second break.

We repeated this set and that took 8 minutes, so the workout was now at the 11 minute mark.

He was suitably sweating and fatigued by this time, but not wanting to let him off lightly, we finished by taking our kettlebells in hand again. Holding the bell in both hands and with feet firmly planted on the ground, we did trunk rotations in sets of ten for two minutes.

Rotate right, then back to center, then left and back to center. Ten reps then rest then ten again for two minutes. Great for strengthening our backs and working obliques.

My home workout reached the 13 minute mark, and we spent the last two minutes stretching and cooling down.

Needless to say, my exercise friend was initially at a loss for words about my turning up and converting his living room into a gym studio, but before I left, he asked if I could write the program out for him so he could do it again: I took that as a personal triumph!

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