T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house, was Hi Intensity Interval Training!

So it’s the 24th of December. You have spent the last three weeks preparing for the big day.

The cards and packages have been sent, the office party worked out fine, the shopping was completed online and the food is prepped and ready to go.


What’s left to do?

Actually, probably nothing, but did you miss a few sessions at the gym, or your favourite class while you were getting organised? THere is every chance that you did…

If so, you might want to have a quick christmas workout to get you through the night.

I have no doubt that things will still be a little hectic for you. Last minute details have a nagging habit of popping up, so let’s keep this fast, simple and adaptable, so you can squeeze in a last minute pre holiday workout to keep you ahead of the game.

Clear a little space and select your most motivating play list. Or maybe just make it Christmas music!

(Go run a bath just now, put a few scented candles round the bathroom, fill with your favourite bubble bath, get someone to keep an eye on it, then return to your exercise space)

Get ready for your energizing workout to begin!

Have a gentle warm up for 3 minutes, try a brisk march then build to a boxers jog. Get your heart rate up slightly then get ready to go.

We are going to be working hard at burning up fat and calorie and our timing will be 20 seconds as hard as you can followed by a 10 second rest.

The first exercise shall be a squat jump

Squat nice and deep, the use those muscles to propel you upwards. 20 seconds as hard as you can.

10 seconds rest

christmas workout_2

Your second 20 second movement is a jump jack with split timing.

So give me four quick jacks then one slow squat jack, then back to 4 quick and one slow. 20 seconds as fast as you can with good technique.

10 seconds rest

Your 3rd movement is a lateral burpee.

Take a side step then drop into a traditional burpee. Repeat for the 20 seconds.

10 second rest

Your 4th and final exercise is a 20 second run on the spot with your knees high.

Go as fast as you can for the full time.

– 10 second rest.

Okay, that’s round one.. get ready and repeat the whole thing again!

1. Squat jumps

2. Jack with split timing

3. Lateral Burpee

4. Run on the spot

Don’t forget the breaks in between, and remember to adapt the movement to one that suits you if any of those didn’t suit.

Work at your maximum though and don’t cheat on the second run through. It’s a tough cardio workout, and if you got the timing right, it should take you 4 minutes.

Now relax, pop to the bathroom, your bath is ready for you.

Kick back and take 20 minutes out of your night to refresh yourself. You will feel great and be really prepared for the holidays to commence.

Have a great time and Happy Christmas!

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