Tis the season of comfort meals and desserts galore!

Christmas is a time of celebration. Food should not hold us back from splurging once a year with friends and family.

Get ahead of the game

If you are worried about calories going in, remember that you can combat that with calories going out… on Christmas Day!

Try these tips, along with the workout below, to get your metabolism revved up so you can enjoy the holidays and not feel miserable!

1. Workout first thing in the morning

How many times have you caught yourself saying, “I’ll get to it later”. And more times than not, it won’t happen.

Reduce the risk of excuses for missing your workout by knocking it out of the way before Santa arrives.

2. Don’t starve yourself in preparation for a big meal!

If we save all our calorie consumption for dinner, we have probably over-exceeded our caloric intake but more importantly, we have altered our metabolism. When you pig out on an empty stomach, the body thought it was in a starvation mode.

The solution your body takes is to convert the food into mostly fat.

Fat is a long acting energy source.

Your body didn’t know when it would be fueled again, so this is what happens. Do eat lighter meals. Reach for vegetables and protein to keep you satisfied until the big meal.

3. If you can still button up your pants after dinner, gather the family and take a small walk for 30 minutes.

Digestion will start sooner if you get up and move around. It can also help prevent indigestion and heartburn.

This is also another way to keep your metabolism revved up!

It can also help lower your blood sugar if you indulged in the dessert table. The circulation of blood can help lower stress levels and with improved circulation – it can improve sleep.

Workout: Ho ho ho my gosh!

Equipment: yourself, timer, mat or towel – this is a body weight workout – no equipment needed!

*modifications: if you cannot perform the high impact movement, take it down to a level that you can perform safely. (i.e. regular pushups = on knees; full situps = ½ crunches; squat jump = squats, etc.) If necessary, choose exercises for upper body, lower body, abs and total body.

christmas day workout_2Set 1: 50 seconds on; 10 seconds rest

*for rest, do high knees

– Push ups
– Squat Jumps
– Full Situps
– Burpees

*rest 2 minutes or jog in place

Set 2: 50 seconds on; 10 seconds rest

*for rest, do air jump rope

– Tricep Dips
– Split Lunge Jumps
– 1 Leg V-Up
– Walk outs

*rest 2 minutes or jog in place

Set 3: 50 seconds on; 10 seconds rest

*for rest, do a plank

– Walking Push ups w/ slow motion 4 count
– Sumo Squats
– Seated Twists
– 180 Squat Jump

*rest 2 minutes or jog in place

Set 4: 50 seconds on; 10 seconds rest

*for rest, do Burpees

– Dive Bomber
– Wall Sit
– Sprinter Sit-ups
Tuck Jump

*rest 2 minutes or jog in place

Final Burnout: little to no rest in between

– High Knees – 1 minute
– Air Jump Rope – 1 minute
– Plank – 1 minute
– Burpees – 1 minute

Total: 30 minutes.

This will burn – 300 calories, depending on body weight and energy expenditure. If you have time (or if you want an extra cookie or two), repeat this workout.


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