Getting results is not always about doing compound movements. The body can also benefit from unilateral movements. What better way to see the elbow flexors get stronger than to isolate them?

Unilateral dumbbell exercises, whether performed standing or seated, test each elbow flexor without one side dominating the movement. Doing compound exercises, bilateral movements or using machines and barbells assists elbow flexors more so than iso-lateral movements. This musculature is challenged most when using dumbbells at varied repetition speeds and varied set durations in unilateral exercises.

Dumbbells allow the user the opportunity to let the body fix itself if any part of it is asymmetrical in strength. If the right side were stronger than the left side then it would make sense to put a lighter dumbbell on the right side in order to achieve balance. If symmetry is the goal, dumbbells can make that happen.


A varied exercise regiment is best for any practitioner so that when the body is expected to react suddenly it is adequately up to that challenge. The variation in training should be in frequency, intensity, duration, and type. An example would be if during one week the exercise practitioner performed a combination of exercises that covers their entire body for three days at sixty-five percent of their one-repetition maximum, for forty-five minutes.

Perhaps on such a week these exercises are done on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to allow the body to recover forty-eight hours from delayed onset muscle soreness (D.O.M.S). This same program design concept can be applied to isolation movements targeted at the elbow flexors.

dumbbell arm workout routine

The benefits of core stabilization are well renowned; they help extremity muscles flex and extend to move a load without taking on any additional unnecessary tension. With that said, it is still important that the extremity muscles are able to work independently.

There may be times where a person may need strong extremity muscles and if their training regiment placed too great an emphasis on core strength then their ability to move loads when extremity muscles are isolated would be severely hampered.

Part of having that rock-hard/lean body means having toned arms. Genetics play a part in how big our ‘bat wings’ are. Fat accumulates on the body differently for people. When body fat is high enough, the composition of the body changes and this differs for each individual. The hips and arms are more common areas of fat accumulation for women where it is the abdomen and waist for men.

Ladies and gentlemen, how about a dumbbell arm workout routine to get those arms strong and defined? Do you often wonder how to get rid of the ‘bat wings’ under those arms?

Well, wonder no more; say goodbye to your bat wings with this powerful dumbbell arm workout routine:

– 300m row
– 30 jump rope double unders
– Alternating lunge punches (3 sets of 15)
– Sumo squat curls (3 sets of 15)
– 30 second round of resistance band alternating uppercuts (3 rounds with dumbbells)
– Bent over tricep kickbacks (3 sets of 15)

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