Conditioning for the Rugby World Cup.

We are once again deep into the thundering drama of another Rugby Union World Cup and, as ever, the skill, power and conditioning of the players is something to behold.

It is clear that the event is a showcase for some of the finest teams and individual players in the sport. What is less obvious but equally true is that it is a mass get-together of Powerbag training exponents.


Who has used the Powerbag?

In fact six of the eight Quarter Finalists in the previous tournament used Powerbag as a key element of their conditioning and preparation programme (and if Ireland and Wales had made it through to that stage as rankings predicted it would have been a full house!) and both finalists had been using the product and system for several years.

 Words from the creator himself.

Powerbag creator Dr. Mark Bellamy commented, “Powerbag has broken into dozens of sports around the world at elite level from boxing to golf, hockey to premiership football but rugby feels like its spiritual home in some ways.”

“Whilst still in the early days of developing the product and the overall training programme it was the England rugby set-up that had the vision to take it on board and use Powerbags at various weights in the build up to the triumphant World Cup campaign of 2003. That provided a massive boost for what I was trying to do and very quickly all kinds of eclectic sporting disciplines from around the world got on board and adopted Powerbag. I cannot deny that seeing them training with my product on the official documentary DVD of that World Cup campaign was a little bit of a thrill!”

Powerbags for champions.

The images here show World Cup winner and former England captain Lewis Moody using one of the sandbag products.

powerbag rugby world cup training_0

And only four years on from that famous night in Sydney Dr. Bellamy was able to watch the 2007 tournament in the knowledge that all the major rugby union squads were now Powerbag users.

How versatile is the Powerbag?

Mark believes that the incredible versatility of Powerbag makes them ideal for the widest physical applications. “They can be pressed, squatted, lunged, curled, thrown, caught, punched, kicked, swung, balanced on…just about anything you want to do. All of which increases quality and precision of movement, power, coordination, balance and muscular endurance.”

powerbag rugby world cup training_1

Available in weights from 3kg to 35kg (up to 50kg on special order), the sand filled bags are very hard wearing and durable which makes them ideal for use indoors, outside and on any surface. The soft and flexible design offers many safety and training advantages over traditional weights and makes them ideal for children and first time exercisers as well as world beating athletes. Powerbags are also widely used in groups exercise classes.

powerbag rugby world cup training_2

Who else can find them useful?

Outside of elite and mainstream sport and fitness, Powerbags have just been fully endorsed by the UK Armed Forces who were even using them in Iraq and Afghanistan for on-going conditioning and rehabilitation work.

There are other forms of sandbag type products and the whole notion of instability training has gained significant momentum in recent years. Dr. Mark Bellamy; “It is all about conditioning the body physically at the same time as developing much greater precision of movement and increasing power within that accuracy of movement. And if you combine those things with great sporting technique, whether it’s a golf swing, a boxer’s punch, a rugby player’s tackle or a tennis player’s serve – then you’ve got something truly enhanced”.


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