The WatchFit team continue to follow the footsteps of Masters Athlete Michael Jennetta as he starts his journey to the World Championship in Australia.

Well it seems as the weather has been very sunny and warm has fooled my outdoor running schedule.

So rather then continue with speed and sprint workouts in the heat I moved to a less aggressive routine.


It went as follows:

– 1200 meter structure 400M@ 75%speed, 45 seconds rest

– 200M 60%speed, 45 seconds rest

– 200M 50%speed, 1 minute rest

– 400M 50%speed, 5 minutes rest

– 10 minutes of plyos and core resistance

… and repeat.

So I would incorporate the 1200 meter model in any ladder for three consecutive days with the plyos and resistance until I felt my legs begin to die and then I got a massage which I feel is the best form of recovery in track training.

Recovery is a huge part of any training programme, if your recovery is no good, then the next session or the next competition are substandard. Not to mention the increased likelihood of injury.

As for weights I gave myself a minimum routine concentrating on dumbbells and reps. I did have a swim session and checked my weight – 144.5 lbs.

Still on track

About this time on the calendar I met Susan Anderson. She is part of the WatchFit Posse and began to communicate.

My plan is for her to help with my diet and such things as calorie intakes for my training. Hopefully I will find the time to data point for her the workouts and foods I consume and ensure she too gets some really useful information.

Vaulting training

Lastly I did have a morning session vaulting. Using one of my 4 meter poles, I press the fundamental technique of the right should being square and pressing my top and bottom hands.

I worked this drill from 24 feet out with 2 lefts.

So I gave myself four steps to complete the jump plant. I found the more I pressed my right shoulder into a proper transition position, the easier the pole moved and spun to turnover.

Hence he whip action became very true when I properly got my shoulders in the correct phase. I always believed the angles in between your hands at take-off are essential with the pole moving to the cross bar. It’s my little secret!

pole vault exercises_2The next steps

So this week I plan to move in another left and use a 4 meter pole 5 lbs heavier for this drill. I get 50% more energy and have to work just as hard in my run integrity to move the pole.

Sounds like fun? Yes!

So as you see or rather read, my brothers and sisters, pole vaulting is as much mental, with physics and vision as it is being a beast.

One of the tings on which we vaulters universally agrees is to ‘bring it down the runway’.

More on that later.

So as I bid WatchFit and all its readers best wishes, I have, as you may know hashtagged several mantras. This week let’s just think of our goals and dreams this way… “Define it. Own it. Be it.”


Love to you from your American Michael Jennetta

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