Holiday season bring many new year’s resolutions involving weight loss and new ways to exercise. Many emphasis on the stomach and want abs taken from a magazine cover.

Now a days we know that it is not hundreds of crunches a day that will bring us those fab abs we want. There is better than that!!

The plank is a much more effective way to tone the tummy.

What makes the plank the ultimate exercise for abs is the mechanism. The plank is an isometric exercise which involves contracting your muscles against stationary resistance. The planks works all the muscles in your core, including the retus abdominus (the” six-pack muscles” you can see), tranverse abdominus internal and external obliques, hips and back.

Compare to the crunches, the plank is also a far more functional exercise that help support the spine and is generally safer for the lower back. But how can we work the plank to keep improving and preserve those sexy abs?

The plank is a great basic exercise but it needs to be challenge with a progression in order to make a reactive core.

The exercise needs to include unpredictable movement like in real life to keep the demands high on the core.

This is why : an unusual exercise for abs taken from a magazine cover.

plank exercise for abs_2


Begin in a push u position with the sandbag or a heavy dumbbell just outside your right hand.

Grab side of the sandbag or dumbbell with your left hand  without rotating your hips and by keeping your body align  slowly drag the sandbag or DB toward the left side without lifting the weight aim for a count of 5 seconds.

Stop when the weight completely past your left shoulder and no longer under your body.

Repeat the exercise with the opposite side with same tempo and continue alternating for a minimum of 30 seconds.

For a more challenging version of the lateral-drag plank, do the same exercise with only one foot touching  the floor by alternating foot every time you change side with the sandbag.

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