Pout Models was based out of high-tech, multi-media Pout Studios in Clerkenwell, London and was built up by Jennifer over seven years. It was during this time that, apart from managing her models and organising her clients requirements, she started to involve herself in make-up and styling, taking every opportunity to talk to make-up artists and watch them at work. She eventually sold the business and took the opportunity to move to Mallorca where the next phase of her life started.

She studied with Lifetime completed her Gym Instructor Level 2 as well as studying and qualifying in core stability, anatomy, physiology and NLP. “My primary aim on arrival in Mallorca was to set up as a PT, but other other activities and commitments overtook this at the time.”

Focusing on health, fitness, make-up and styling Jennifer began to establish herself and it was after meeting a provider of wedding flowers that she became aware of the wedding market on the island. Very quickly she became the ‘go to girl’ for weddings – taking charge of all matters of the bride’s make-up and styling on the biggest day of her life. She now works on around 50 weddings a year, was Beauty Editor of Mallorca Life & Style Magazine and a regular contributor to the island’s Daily Bulletin with her own column. She also regularly has her work featured in the island’s luxury lifestyle magazines.


Jennifer Jane – Part 2_2

Today her time is spent between her many commitments on Mallorca which might also include pop videos, and also London where she remains a busy make up artist and model. But in recent months she has started to see the next evolution of her working life and believes this will be the era that truly combines all the strongest elements of her background.

Jennifer has involved herself with and succeeded in: modelling, management, styling, make-up, writing and presenting. But her love of fitness and formal qualifications as a gym instructor have taken a bit of a back seat. “I have featured as a fitness model in a number of leading magazines, done a few covers and certainly maintained my own fitness and conditioning but this is a side of me that I have not really built into my working life.”

But that is now about to change as she harnesses all aspects of her successful business background with the fitness world to launch her Bridal Body Blitz programme. “This is a concept based around the fact that every bride, even if she already looks like an Olympic sprint champion, wants to get in the best shape they can for their special day. There are many ways to achieve this through physical exercise, nutrition, skin care and make-up amongst other things and I am able to look at all of these to bring women a great new shape. And it isn’t exclusive to brides!”

The Bridal Body Blitz looks at all ways for women to achieve their best body in a proper, constructive and manageable fashion, led by somebody who knows better than most what the pressures are like to shape up for a wedding day. “I’ve had genuine hands-on involvement with hundreds of weddings over the years and know what it takes to get into shape and look your best. But this isn’t just about a quick fix for a single day, it’s about very real and lasting benefits.”

Jennifer’s Bridal Body Blitz provides workouts and guidance to achieve vitality, tone, fitness, shed fat and is broken down over different periods of time. “I’m looking at everything from a six month run in, two months, 28 days or two weeks. All starting points mean a different approach and a different intensity to get that best body shape, vibrancy and glow every bride wants to exhibit on her big day.

“These are very exciting times. I’m working with WatchFit and launched my first Bridal Body Blitz plan on their fantastic app and am so excited! The CEO got to hear about me, and my work. We had a great initial meeting and things progressed quickly from there. I worked with Andy Lesauvage, a top London photograph and film man, and we shot a series of films and exercises in amazing Spanish locations. The results can now be seen in the WatchFit app!”

WatchFit-Jennifer Jane weeding plan

And now Jenn is the official face and body of Forza dietary food supplements and is very involved with the company’s promotion and image. So the transformation from solitary tomboy is very much complete.

Once believing any kind of modelling or beauty work was a galactic distance from her own reality, has gone on the to be a magazine cover girl, FCUK model, owner of her own model agency and an in-demand international make-up artist. And now as the next chapter of her life evolves into becoming a successful and inspiring multi media fitness professional and presenter, WatchFit is delighted to welcome her to its amazing family of contributing experts.


Pictures by Andres Lesauvage.




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