Sitting sipping on a coffee on Summer’s day  almost a decade ago, I remember making the phone call that would change my life and propel me forwards to where I am today.

It was the day I signed up to become a Personal Trainer…

It wasn’t a snap decision it was carefully thought out. I planned what I would do, what it would take and tested myself to see if I was even able to do Personal Training as a job.


At the time I was still playing amateur sports and worked in security. The security job meant I had a decent income and was able to train and, as a young adult, that was great but I knew I wanted a career that I was passionate about so I asked myself before I made that call “is Personal Training for me?”


I choose a path of self learning. Having a background in sports and having been training weights on and off since I was 16 I was fortunate enough to have decent knowledge and was keen to learn more.

Self learning is a feature I believe to this day makes for some of the best Personal Trainers I have ever met in the industry.

Within 6 months I had qualified as a Personal Trainer!

You’re probably wondering how this information might help you when choosing to become a Trainer or not? Well I was passionate about fitness, I was eager to learn and I wanted to help people. These qualities meant that by the time I finished the course I had seen almost half of the people who started with me stop the course or fail and not come back but I remained due to my resolve.

Why did I keep going when others fell away?

In my opinion the course isn’t extremely hard but people were in it for the wrong reasons. On my first day I remember one of the pupils saying he couldn’t wait to earn 10’s of $1,000 as a PT. And indeed the adverts do say that, but that being his main focus he was soon nowhere to be seen – probably onto his next get rich quick venture.

The realities of Personal Training are far different than most people imagine.

Statistics show most Personal Trainers fail in the first year as a PT. If you make it past two years your in the 10% or so that make it a career, if after seven years you’re still a PT, well that’s very rare and very impressive. “Why is that you’re probably asking, well there’s so many factors but mainly it comes down to resolve and reasons Trainers get into the fitness industry.

If you’re just here to make money, well great, but when you start to make less money and times get hard are you going to stay and keep doing a job where you might have to get up at 5am and won’t get home till 10pm to make less than the minimum wage that day?

Long antisocial hours are part and parcel of being a PT. It doesn’t finish there, you have to devise programs for your individual clients and attract them to you in the first place, maybe you have to make up classes you are taking and music to go with them too. Some clients can only train at the weekend and would you be willing to give up your Sunday morning to train clients? Not to mention keeping your own training and nutrition going while maybe training up to 12 clients a day.

Personal Training Caree_2

The reality is its hard being a PT…

You’re not just a Trainer to your clients, you’re everything they need: agony aunt, hate figure, therapist whatever they need that day. I’ve had clients cry, throw up, have melt downs and more but I do it and with a smile because, and not to be cheesy, I change lives. I’ve helped alcoholics recover, woman and men gain confidence in themselves, people recover from serious injuries, from serious illness and from many more varying things over the years.

It has been my absolute pleasure to impart knowledge and see people flourish. Yes I get paid to do it and I know my worth unlike some who have maybe left the fitness industry. I feel I have made a success of myself due to that initial resolve and passion of mine to train people so that I may help them.

Having a 6-Pack isn’t going to make you the best Personal Trainer, sacrifice and learning every day will!

Almost a year ago I became an Assessor and Mentor for aspiring PT’s with Bodycore Training. It’s my firm belief and theirs that every individual who becomes a Personal Trainer now should be given the tools to be successful and not just a certificate of achievement.

It’s now possible to be in an industry that lifts each other up instead of backstabbing and badmouthing each other. The dedicated individuals I work with, Assessors, trainers and managers, are making a culture where we now strive to not infest the fitness industry with Personal Trainers on every street corner but to attract the most passionate and dedicated people into the profession.

The fitness industry is forever changing and Personal Training continues to change with it.

If you have passion and drive for this industry are dedicated and want to learn and help people I couldn’t think of a better industry for you to be in. But before you make the phone call ask yourself “Is personal training for me?”

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions you would like answered on this subject!

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