In Part 1 Sandro Torres, drawing on his own life, explains how we can drop debilitating habits that affect our weight and health and take on board life affirming new ones. Here he concludes the article…

Exercise to burn calories and to increase your metabolism


The body has been made to exercise. The more you move your body the more alive you will be. The less you use it, the faster you will lose it. Plus when you exercise you burn extra calories, of course. In addition, by exercising you are rejuvenating your body by increasing your metabolism.

Any exercise helps! Running, swimming, hiking, biking and so on. Just keep a couple of points in mind. Get out of your comfort zone whatever you do. You’ll be exercising for only a half hour to an hour — it’s OK to breathe hard and to feel the burn. This is how your body changes and becomes younger. If you want to tone your body and have strong muscles and bones, do weight lifting: Cardio alone won’t do it. This is when you decide how far you want to go.

Make small changes to change the big habits

Have you heard the Bible story where the master gives five bags of silver to the first servant, two bags to the second one and one to the third? After a reasonable amount of time he returns and asks for his silver back. The first servant gives double back, as does the second. The third servant hid the silver and returned it to the master. The master gave more silver and responsibilities to the two firsts servants and took the bag of silver from the last servant and gave it to the other two. In addition he took everything else from him to give to the others.

This is very simple. If you can do the smallest things, you can be sure you will succeed in the biggest things. If you can replace the processed bar, protein shake or junk food for an apple, then you can start cooking or preparing your lunch. However, if you can’t start with the apple, cooking or preparing your lunch will be impossible. Start with the apple and the half-hour walk, continue making small changes, and then you can tackle the biggest habits.


Many times I believe more in our members than they believe in themselves. I push them to do better, and they are surprised when they discover that it’s possible. Your belief dictates your brain, and if you don’t have a strong belief, you won’t do your best, and you might not ever start your journey.

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Pain and Pleasure

It’s normal human behavior to run from pain and look for pleasure. I do it all the time. Nevertheless, we never think about the real situation or the consequences. I am going to give you an extreme example. I was watching a documentary where a guy raped and killed his victim. He had to leave his family, wife and children, run away to a different country, hide from the law and leave his whole life behind for one moment of pleasure.

You may say that this person is a maniac, and I might not disagree with you. But the truth is that we all act without thinking about the future consequences. We enter the moment without putting it all together long term.

There are many negative habits that give us momentary pleasure, and we repeat them because of it. We drink daily, we eat the wrong foods daily, we eat in front of the TV daily, we eat a lot of sugar daily, putting our health at risk and gaining weight as a result of prompt gratification.

On the other hand, exercising is painful, planning our day can bring discomfort, dealing with stress and approaching problems can also be difficult. But they can bring a lot of pleasure and benefit in the future.

Find the pleasures and the pain that will help you get to your goal. Good habits are not pleasurable in the beginning but are fulfilling compared to bad habits.

Find a balance

Giving all your life to being healthy is actually not healthy!

I believe that there are other areas in your life that you should take care of. For example I divide my life in five areas: God, family, health, profession and finances. I maintain and take care of all of them every day. I don’t spend all my time in the gym or eating healthily. I feed my spirit every day, I give some of my time to my family every day, I exercise and eat healthily every day, I learn and create on my profession every day and I live according to my finances.

This concept has allowed me to live under control and be happy, keeping my health and body at its best.

These are the basic concepts that will give you long-lasting weight-loss results. Put them in practice and be patient!

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