Working out can be one of the most fulfilling sensations and experiences. When done properly it results in wonderful rewards, is fun and delivers a genuine feel-good buzz. As an overall feeling it is hard to beat. But one way to heighten those sensations is teamwork exercise! Bring an even greater sense of satisfaction by sharing the experience and exercise with a partner.

And I don’t just mean someone to spot for you, count out reps and issue encouragement, but a person who actually simultaneously takes part in the exercises with you. Proper teamwork!

I have devised a number of exercises for you here that are ideal for tandem partner workout routines. You’ll find them engaging, fun and – critically – very effective!



Remember to always warm up and get the body moving and the blood flowing!

Skipping, treadmill, cycling, cross trainer, rower –  whatever similar cardio you like for 5-10 minutes.

Foam Rolling for 10 minutes

Dynamic Stretches for 10 minutes.

1. Medicine Ball Sit Ups:

Sit facing each other, one person’s feet on the inside of the partner’s legs. Take the medicine ball and lower down back onto the ground with the MB overhead. Come back upwards and pass the MB to your partner. Repeat x 10 reps each.

Workout With a Partner_1


2. Medicine Ball Standing Passes:

Stand back-to-back and pass the medicine ball to each other in the same direction for 10 reps, then change direction for another 10 x repetitions.

Workout With a Partner_2


3. Medicine Ball Squat Throw

Stand up to 10m from each other, one holds the medicine ball squats down and as they come up throws the medicine ball to their partner who then catches the ball and goes straight into a squat, before rising and throwing back. x 20 throws (10 each person)

Workout With a Partner_3


4. Resistance Band Pulls

One person holds the resistance band around the other’s waistline and pulls the bands while the other person sprints over 30metres. Then once they reach the one side they change over. Complete 10 Sprints each.

Workout With a Partner_4


5. Medicine Ball Chest Pass:

Holding the MB close to your chest, twist your hands inwards and shoot the MD to your partner. You partner will then catch the MB and return to you. Complete 10 passes each.

Workout With a Partner_5


6.Rope Pulls on the Sled:

One person sits on the sled where the rope is tied, the other person is holding the battle ropes at the end and pulls the sled towards them. They then swap around until they have each completed 5 pulls.

Workout With a Partner_6


7. Medicine Ball Slams

One person stands with the medicine ball above their head, slams it down as hard as possible to the other person. They alternate until they have completed 10 ball slams each.

Workout With a Partner_7


8. Wheel Barrow walks:

With your partner starting in a conventional push-up position, pick them up by their feet so that they are on their hands. Guide them to walk on their hands for 10 meters and then turn around and guide them back. Once they have completed 20 meters swap. Each person must complete 5 x 20m walks.

Workout With a Partner_8

I can assure you that this will bring a new level of enjoyment and engagement to your workout as you work to some great results!

Derryn Brown was working out with Reyhana Sallie. Reyhana is a Top 50 ranked Crosssfit competitor, a former leading High School track athlete and competitive figure skater. She is also an inspiring Personal Trainer.


Photographer: Mario Guarneros

Active Wear: Lorna Jane, Dubai

Location: Evolve Gym, Dubai

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