Those of you who read Part 1 of my blog, published on Friday, will know that I have committed to a charity cycle ride from Paris back to London on September 18th. You will also know that as I wrote that first installment I was woefully under-prepared for the challenge that lies ahead!

Myself and all the other Tech Bikers are aiming to raise £100k for Room to Read. It’s a wonderful cause and something that is easy to be passionate about and committed to.

As with so much else in life the departure date has crept up on me rather rapidly and my specific preparation for this has been… well, non-existent!  I was very open about this less than ideal scenario in my initial blog and I now confess that, although I wrote that honestly and accurately, I also knew a nice long Bank Holiday stretched ahead of me. Surely this would be the perfect springboard from which to launch my concerted three week ‘get fit sharp’ programme!


Parisa Louie Hula hoopWell we all know what often happens to good intentions don’t we? Not only did I not cycle or do any fitness work, I can honestly say I didn’t even leave my home. I worked morning, noon and night throughout the entire Bank Holiday. That is not meant to be a ‘woe is me’ story or a sympathyseeker, it’s just a statement of fact and the reality of running a fast moving tech start-up.

“Oh well, never mind” thought I, “I’ll ride into work on Tuesday morning”. This would represent a decent 12 mile ride from leafy and park surrounded suburbs to bustling Central London. However morning broke to a new array of tasks and commitments and 20 minutes on the train armed with a smartphone and laptop became a necessity. Foiled again!

Oh dear, and now we are actually in September the countdown is unavoidably clear and ominous!

WatchFit has an ever growing family of active contributors made up of truly brilliant people worldwide covering all aspects of health, fitness, nutrition, training, sports conditioning and wellbeing. So in my corner I’m in the almost uniquely fortunate position of having: an elite pro triathlete and unbeaten ultra runner, a history making endurance athlete, an Olympic Champion, a multiple fitness champion and an athletic performance guru. I can say with some confidence that nobody else undertaking the ride has this kind of support. In fact there are people at the top end of international sport who probably don’t have this support…I have to be worthy!

So with time running out, work mounting and an unfortunate downturn in the London weather, it has been difficult to start anything meaningful. But where there is a will there is a way. I have taken the opportunity of indulging in something I read about recently – ‘fitness grazing’. This is the little and often method. While the kettle is boiling, while you are waiting for the microwave to ‘ping’ or the printer to churn out its last page – do some exercise. Two minutes of push-ups, squats, lunges, crunches, planks – it all adds up.

So today I have been utilising the office Powerbag, kindly supplied by Leisure Lines GB. This is a brilliant sandbag device that can be applied to all manner of: lunges, squats, presses, curls, lifts, throws, catches and much else. I’ve also been hula hooping and dragging colleagues into some floor work. This is something they’re going to have to get used to over the next two weeks!

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