Let´s talk about outdoor workouts!

Well, everybody knows about the benefits of exercise but let’s review.

There are overall benefits if we complete the minimum standards of exercise, which are: Cardiorespiratory Fitness Exercise: 3-5 days per week with an intensity of 40%  <60% VO2R (resting oxygen uptake)


You can see in the above mentioned prescription that in order to achieve these results, one must know their VO2R levels. There are a few alternatives if we aren’t preparing for a competition or test that requires specific data.  The Borg Scale gives the trainee the capacity to rate his/hers exertions. How does it work? Simply select the CRF mode or exercise of your preference and rate your exertions from a range of 0 to 20, so a corresponding activity of a moderate intensity (40% <60% VO2R) will be rated from 12 to 16 in the Borg Scale.

The goal is to achieve 150 minutes per week or 75 of vigorous activity (now that you have one more way to rate intensity).

Now, you can separate your 30 minutes in bouts of 10 minutes with a little rest in between just to catch your breath (1 minute is advisable).

How can I transfer this activity to outdoors?

Simply, you can just take a 10-minute walk around your block after every meal, go to a park for a run or make your commute “active” (like walking or in a bike).

What are the benefits?

To name a few…

– Decrease mortality from all causes
– Improve immune function
– Improve body composition
– Decrease fatigue in daily activities
– Improved work, recreational, and sports performance

* Improved cognitive function in older adults (both aerobic and resistance training)

All of this PLUS an overall sensation of well being and a decreased anxiety and depression are the end products of meeting this minimum standards. With this information one could see how important is exercise and how it has become a critical aid in primordial prevention.

Resistance training

Let’s move on…

Strength, being defined as: “the maximal force that a muscle or muscle group can generate at a specific velocity” is one of the many health-fitness related attributes

And beside of applying it when overcoming any resistance like in the gym it affects more areas in our daily life. For example, lack of grip strength is one of the causes of falls, or more strength in a muscle group can create an imbalance that can lead to an injury.

Recommendations and benefits

*For general muscular fitness

Resistance training of the major muscle groups (chest, shoulders, back, hips, abdomen and legs) 2-3 days per week

* You want to separate your workouts at least 24 hours, but not more than 72.

This is just a general guide, not a routine, for that I strongly recommend to contact a professional who can tailor a specific program for you that follows the principles of conditioning.


– Strength gains
– Improved aerobic enzyme systems
– Improved bone density
– Hypertrophy

There are several modes of training that you can choose to make your routine in an open space, for instance:

outdoor workouts


You all know them; they are heavy devices with a handle, right?

You can easily carry them (given that they´re nor 220 pounds each).

These resistance devices make that your muscles not only work to overcome their mass, but activates your stabilizers more that a regular dumbbell.

You can make an interval like Tabata or isometrics like a side plank, all of this surrounded by nature.


A suspension device that uses a pendulum system and body weight that actually is very clever and reports many benefits, by giving a high range of intensities.

You can make gains in muscle mass given that a bunch of exercises with this emphasize eccentric muscular actions, this device too activates stabilizers, improves balance and strength.

Bosu ball

A half of a fitness ball with a base, this particular device requires that you know what are you training, otherwise is a really weird pillow that you take to a park.

With this you can:

  • Train your balance in different planes
  • Have a lumbar support for sit-ups

Your own weight

For many of you this may sound boring, but what are you doing when performing a muscle up? Or a ring dip? Or a burpee?

With a well planned routine this could work wonders for you, starting with a walk (general warm up) to the open space of your preference, followed by an interval body weight routine (conditioning) and finishing with a light walk(cool dow) and a little of stretching, how sweet isn’t it?

Safe training everyone!

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