According to the National Osteoporosis Society an estimated 3 million people in the UK suffer from osteoporosis, a condition that leads to bones becoming fragile and breaking easily resulting in pain and disability.

As we age we lose some bone as the mesh like structures in our bones thin by a process where the bone remodelling cannot keep up with the breakdown of the bony mesh inside of our bones causing potential weakness.

The condition affects men and woman, with woman being particularly susceptible after menopause.


Osteoporosis is treated at the moment by nutritional modification, use of certain medications and importantly exercise!

Osteoporosis and exercise: 5 scientific facts to remember2

Some interesting facts about osteoporosis and exercise are:

1.Bone is Living tissue, like all living tissue it renews itself constantly, if we are active and load the bones(by regular weighted exercise walking jogging and other sports)on a regular basis, they remodel stronger.

2. In a recent study it was shown that strength training increased the muscle volume also increased bone density in people with osteoporosis.

3. Studies have shown by doing back exercises during your middle age the vertebra is prevented from weakening structurally or fracturing later in life

4. Regular exercise helps with balance which reduces the risk of falling and the amount of fractures.

5. Exercise has been shown to improve wellbeing in participants.

In a recent study found people who have a higher life satisfaction are less prone to osteoporosis than their peers.

Before you start with a training program, consult your physician and find a trainer who is qualified to deal with osteoporosis.

Some of the factors you should consider when starting a training program are:

1. Age

2. Severity of your Osteoporosis

3. Ability and current fitness levels

4. Medications currently using

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