There’s probably not been a more important time to get fit as an individual, society, country and planet. And how ironic it comes at a time when all gyms and sports clubs are shut.

Now we know we are in for a lengthy coronavirus lockdown and home isolation, it seems to have focussed minds about the need to stay fit and healthy, however restricted we are. It is also something to do!

And now the Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) states that we should fight coronavirus in the same way as we are advised to prepare for surgery – by being as fit and strong as we can be.

Nobody is claiming this will ward off the virus but it will give us the best chance of fighting it effectively and efficiently if we contract it.

Fortify Yourself!

Exercise, reduce alcohol consumption, quit smoking. All good advice anytime, but particularly so now,

Deputy Director of CPOC Scarlett McNally has urged us to take exercise, especially those in the higher risk age groups, “So that if they catch the virus they are less likely to need intensive care”.

She also pointed out that though their extensive studies they can show that operation patients who are prepared for operations in a health and fitness sense have better outcomes and quick results.

Much study and information is coming out of China and experts there found less fit people with medical conditions were five times more likely to have a worse outcome from Covid-19, and smokers three times more likely to have this result.


I know we are only advised (told) to leave our homes once a day to get air and exercise, but that’s fine. Walk the dog, go for a run, have a cycle (while observing social distancing) – that is all wonderful and, in these restrictive times are taking on greater significance in people’s lives and that only be a good thing.

But there is plenty we can do at home!

Don’t worry if you’ve not got any gym equipment or even workout clothes. It doesn’t matter! Wear something comfortable – you’re at home; styles, trends and fashions don’t matter!

As I said, get some air and cardio during your one outside session each day. Inside you can work on vital strengthening and balance exercises. Mobility is crucial during this time of no social mobility and less daily movement back and forth from work, school and shops. Keep moving, keep mobile  This will maintain basic functional strengths that we need all the time but too often take for granted.

Gardening is great for this and is a wonderful interest and pursuit that many might be discovering for the first time this Spring!

Also don’t make this time an excuse to let healthy eating go out of the window. It is vital to maintain a decent diet right now. Don’t snack on rubbish and ensure your main meals are good for you.

And don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep! This is restoration and reinvigoration time.

I will be providing some exercise ideas and health tips in my next article.  

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