Ok, so all you really need for an effing brutal workout is a towel and water and an attitude to kick some ass.

This workout is one of my favourites to do under time pressure. Your goal is 10 sets, but this is very time dependant.

If you have 45 minutes great, if not 20 minutes just kick ass and push yourself into a fit hot mess.


The only equipment you need is…NOTHING.

So you really have no excuses, this is a great challenge to add into your routine that you are doing now. I challenge you to post this and tag your time.
This is one of the toughest body weight workouts you’ll have done in a long time.

Form is key.

Don’t risk to get injured as you get tired: if you can’t complete it, just set yourself a new goal.

If you can complete post your time and see where you can finish. Tag me on insta or Facebook and I will post it with my guys times.

Kick ass and repeat.

No weight workout is as follows:

15 x Burpee’s
100 x Jumping Jacks
25 x Rock Climbers
25 x Push ups
50 x Touch down Squats (hands touch the floor dropping the hips, NOT a deadlift, DROP your hips, ass to the grass)
and repeat this 10 TIMES, or as many as you can.

Effing brutal no weight workout2

Remember post the workout, tag urban wellness 25 for a shout out. or post to my wall.

Good luck.

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