With an increased amount of time being spent at work, it leaves little for play

Many women in particular find it can be difficult to get started moving more. We may already be too overwhelmed with the business of life and responsibilities to find a way to kickstart things and squeeze in a regular workout.

Our lives are already bombarded with reminders that we should be exercising and we can just end up feeling more and more guilty rather than motivated!


So how do we fit it in?

It’s easier than you think.

The best time to exercise is whenever you can. There are ways that we can get additional activity throughout the day which promotes doing what you can when you can (#WYCWYC).

The most exciting bit is it doesn’t involve the daunting trip to the gym either – these exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home or when you’re on the go during the day.

At home

Whilst watching TV, see how many curls, squats or crunches that you can do during commercial breaks. You’ll have anything between two and five minutes right there!

Walk on the treadmill or ride the exercise bike during your favorite show.

Whilst waiting for the microwave, or queuing, balance on one leg and repeat on the other one. Do five calf raises on each side, then both legs together for 10. Repeat.

Standing with your hands on your hips, do small leg lifts, keeping your legs straight and abs tight.

At work

There is so much more that you can do in this environment than you might think. Being at work is no excuse!

So lets have a look:

– Take a walk around the block during your lunch break.
– Stand up and walk around while talking on the phone.
– Take the stairs instead of the lift.
– Walk that extra block instead of taking the subway.
– By just making little changes such as these, you will see a gradual increase in your ability to exercise.

no time to exercise_2If you’re ready to go beyond the extra movement stage and want to do more, then it’s time to set aside at least 30 minutes to do a complete workout.

Get motivated

There is no shortage of material out there for you to follow and be instructed and motivated by. This can be found in your local library, in high street stores and of course online – such as here at WatchFit – where there is masses of video instruction.

Not quite ready for a full 30 minutes yet?

No problem, there are also millions of short workouts shared by fitness gurus’ YouTube channels (i.e. Neghar Fonooni, Jen Sinkler, ZuzkaLight, etc.) and right here on WatchFit!

The fitness experts provide a dynamic variation in different routines, which you can select at your digression. All of these options are free and, more importantly, you can do it at your own pace.

Finding the right workout for you

In the beginning, I wasn’t confident I could do ANY program that we looked at. My husband and I determined I should start with Tai Cheng to restore some balance and flexibility before trying anything else.

Not only did it do what I intended, this program reset my mindset to discover my passion.

Yoga can also have a similar effect in opening your mind and body to the possibilities of additional movement.

Again, this avoids the strenuous and intense workouts that occur at the gym – yoga is quite the opposite. Not only will you be toning your body and increasing your flexibility, it will be a calming exercise for the mind too.

So, how would you like to bump up your activity level now?

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