The New Year is fast approaching, which means many people will be formulating their New Year resolutions.  At least that is those who aren’t still in holiday mode, sitting on their couches and eating everything they can find!

January 1st is the perfect day to start a change in your life and kick-off a healthy year.

Today we are going to discuss some healthy activities that you can do on New Years Day!


Before we get into 2016 though, let’s talk about what to do on the last day of 2015.

Here are some tips on how to survive New Years Eve, so you are actually able to function on January 1st.

– First of all, have a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume.  Nothing is going to kill your New Years Day motivation more than being hungover.

– Make sure you eat enough on New Years Eve.  This will keep you from getting too intoxicated.

– Finally: have fun!

One thing to remember when it comes to health and fitness is to practice everything in moderation.

You can’t ban all enjoyable things from your life just because they aren’t “healthy”.

If you restrict yourself, you will go crazy.  So treat yourself at your celebrations!

Now let’s talk about January 1st

There are many healthy New Years Day activities that you can do alone or with your friends and family.

New Year’s run

Many towns hold a New Years day run. This may be a 5k, 10k or half marathon – most races include all three.  Take part in the race.

This is a great way to start out your healthy year as well as a good method to evaluate your fitness level.  You can make races a more common thing throughout the year and watch yourself progress over the next twelve months.

Not into running? That’s OK!

You can get outside and move in many other ways. Step away from the football games on TV and have a neighborhood game of your own. This is a great way to spend time with family and get everyone moving.

new years day run_2If you would rather stay inside, go to the gym and purchase a membership.  Many gyms and fitness studios offer discounts on New Year’s Day.  Take advantage of that and go sign-up, but expect the place to be pretty crowded!

If exercise sounds like the last thing you want to do on New Years Day – that is OK. 

There are alternative healthy activities you can do on January 1st.

Try volunteering with a charity of your choice

Most volunteer work keeps you on your feet and moving all day.  The active nature of volunteering is just one of the many benefits of the activity.

However, be sure to call ahead as some places may be closed or not looking for volunteers on New Year’s Day.

Go grocery shopping and buy some healthy food

Then prepare a New Year meal for your friends and family! Create something new and keep it nutritious.

Resolutions for the New Year

If you haven’t already made your resolutions, January 1st is the perfect day to do that. Make a plan for how you are going to achieve those resolutions.

Do not throw yourself into a resolution by taking on a strict diet or vowing to completely change your lifestyle in one day.

It’s not healthy or wise to go from 0 to 100 when it comes to taking on something new. Instead, you should take small steps and make little goals that will help you succeed and stick with your resolution.

We’ve all made resolutions and not followed through with them. I don’t want you to do that this year.

So spend part of your New Year’s Day creating a program for yourself that progresses gradually and will help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

The best tip I can give you on how to spend your New Years Day is to have fun with people you love.   Stay safe and be healthy. Happy 2016 everyone!

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