This fitness programme is new, creative, enjoyable and, I believe, a valuable breath of fresh air in the workout market. While still mostly sitting or moving low, combinations were put together that included spinning, balancing, lunging into creature-like positions and swiftly linking one fluid movement with another, semi-elegant, partly animal, partly artistic and entirely engaging. There’s a huge array of moves, countless combinations and difficulty and intensity levels designed to suit absolute novices to the super-fit. No equipment is required apart from a mat and, although you move a great deal, you don’t really travel so it works beautifully in limited space.

The stimulation to mind and body was quickly evident, there’s way more activity than yoga, it’s more enthralling than Pilates and as tiring as some gymnastics. And it lends itself as easily to a couple of square metres as it does to an expansive mat room. Finally something really new in fitness that has so much expansion opportunity, especially for those seeking an activity that uses the body as it was designed to through all plains of movement. While we were just working on apparently simple sequences, it still exercised mind and muscle extensively.

The developers behind this are assembling moves that to the eye appear to merge floor gymnastics, martial arts and the most agile primate moves you can imagine. Hitting all the spots, engaging the mind, working the body, toning, strengthening and helping mobility and flexibility like anything else – altogether refreshing to body and soul. Clearly so as Oscar whipped off his belt and gleefully skipped around reception, continuing to tackle the ever patient and enthusiastic Sonia.


In fact if Oscar practises any more I am really going to have to look out. Sonia told her two new pupils to have a five minute ‘roll’ on the mat and, although my son is just seven, he gleefully overwhelmed me, applying newly learned chokes and holds with bewildering speed. I thought I’d picked up Sonia’s instructions reasonably well, but when you combine the sponge like mind of a seven-year-old, enthusiasm that almost boils over, mats, a martial arts gi and the opportunity to sort his Mother out….then maybe I never stood a chance. I might need to visit Sonia for another lesson or two!

Wrestling with new concept in exercise_part2_2

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Sonia Pires embraced BJJ just four years ago and more recently this new fitness concept. She is already a very fine BJJ exponent and brilliantly attentive and inspiring trainer who coaches adults and children. If the rest of us could make progress in our work and well-being we’d be very lucky! Working with Nilton (World Champion in BJJ) she will no doubt instruct and inspire many more and her commitment to this new exercise form will ensure that the influence of BJJ can be spread further afield and improve many more minds and bodies. It is a very exciting concept and I for one am eager to see it progress.

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