As a member of the U.S Navy’s principal special operations force, SEAL’s (Sea, Air and Land for which the are named) have to be ready to operate in the most extreme and dangerous climates in the world! Having to stay in peak physical condition is essential at all times and this navy seal workout will enhance all of the physical components necessary to be fit for duty, mainly endurance, strength and attitude!

Due to it’s high intensity nature, fitness and aesthetic results will come faster than normal if you give it your all! This is not just for boys either, girls you can do it too! This is not for the faint hearted though, IT’S TOUGH!

First of all test yourself using a variation of the Navy SEAL physical readiness test (PRT)


PRT Summary

Conducted in one session in a continuous manner

– No less than 2 mins or greater than 15 mins rest between exercises
– No more than a 30 mins break between the run and swim

PRT Exercises

– Pull ups (No time limit)
– Sit ups (3 mins time limit)
– Push ups (3 mins time limit)
– 3 mile run (As fast as you can)
– 0.5mile (805m) swim (As fast as you can)

Once you have gone through all of the above (which is a very tough workout of it’s own accord) note your score and try and beat it next time.



Choose 1 of the following routines to complete in a training session
Aim to complete all 3 within 1 week ensuring you have a day off in between each one

Running based

– Do x10 body weight squats and x10 body weight forward lunges to loosen up and mobilise
– Run 1 mile (1600m) at a slow pace to get warm
– Run 1/4mile (400m) as fast as you can, jog slowly for 1 min, repeat 4 times
– Run 1/2 mile (800m) as fast as you can, jog slowly for 2 min, repeat 2 time
– Run 1 mile (1600m) at a slow pace to warm down
– Stretch out you legs well to finish

Swimming based

– Do x10 body weight press ups and x10 body weight side squats at side of pool to loosen up and mobilise
– Swim 200m at a slow pace to get warm
Swim 50m as fast as possible, rest for 30s, repeat 4 times
– Swim 100m as fast as possible, rest for 1 min, repeat 2 times
– Swim 200m at a slow pace to warm down

Strength based

– Do x10 body weight backward and x10 press ups to loosen up and mobilise
– Perform the following exercises as fast as you can, with the best quality possible, and no rest between each:

— Burpees – x20
— Forward facing bench step ups – x10 on each leg
— Decline (hands on floor, feet on bench) press ups – x20
— Straight leg bench dips – x20
— Supine pull ups – x20
— Hand to ankle touch crunches – x20
— Front plank – x60s

– Start by doing x3 circuits of the above with 1 min rest between rounds
– Progress on to doing x4 circuits with 45 secs rest between rounds
– Aim to be able to do x5 circuits with 30s rest between rounds
– Stretch out your whole body well to finish

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