Lets be honest, most of us have a knowledge of Navy Seals that is limited to what we hear in the news or what we see in movies. No one except the Seals knows what its like to be one the brave men and women. Seals do an extraordinary job which in turn requires an extraordinary type of fitness and mentality.

Heres a fun fact. Did you know that it was Navy Seal Randy Hetrick that came up with the TRX or suspension trainer as you might know them? When on tours, Hetrick had a problem of keeping fit due to lack of equipment. So he and his colleagues cut up some parachutes and made the suspension kit.

Do you think you have what it takes to be Navy Seal fit?

Well if you do you’re gonna have to impress me. The entry requirements onto the Navy Seal Fitness Training course is the workout. If you can’t get a top score then I’m afraid you will have to think again about being part of the elite when it comes to fitness.

These Seals are among the fittest people on the planet, so lets see what you’ve got, maggot! Remember Seals work under every condition, under every adverse situation. If someone is in your way, go round them if someone is using your equipment, then get some more. Don’t waste time–every second is gonna count here!

First Event – Swim 460m swim or 500 yards

You have 12 minutes 30 seconds.

The time above is not adequate enough, have it as a maximum time limit your aim here should be 8-9 minutes. Remember the Navy Seals only want the best and if you aren’t giving that at this early stage you won’t make it.

After your swim you have exactly 10 mins to rest and get changed if you want to.

navy seal fitness_2

Second event – Push-ups, a minimum of 42 in 2 minutes

Lets be honest 42 in 2 minutes is easy, are you a worthy candidate to be in one of the most elite fighting forces on earth? Was that a yes? I cant hear you!!! I want 100 or more in 2 minutes, that seems like a better number for the elite.

Don’t hold back your gonna burn out but get as many done as possible as quickly as possible. Make sure you have good form or they don’t count and you will be ejected from the test!

Now you get 2 minutes to rest take on some water at this stage keep your body hydrates your gonna need it for the next event.

navy seal fitness_3

Third event – Sit ups, minimum of 52 in 2 minutes.

Again easy for you, right? If you’re onto the third event, then this must be easy. The aim now is 80-100, which should be easy for you. You’re gonna feel your core burn, so remember to breath and smash them out as fast as possible. Having as strong a core as possible is essential for all Navy Seal personnel.

Another 2 minutes break here–stock up on what you need, ration packs may not be available at your closest leisure centre. Make sure you bring something to keep your energy levels high at this stage.

navy seal fitness_5

Fourth Event- Pull ups, at least 8

Now we all know pull ups can be hard well as a Navy Seal–you have to start liking the hard things in life. 8 pull ups should be easy for elite machines like you! Lets make sure we get 15-20.

Now there’s no time limit here but once you start you need to keep holding the bar or whatever device you’re  using and your feet cannot touch the ground. Make sure you keep proper form swinging is not allowed straight up straight down the military way!!!

You now have T-Minus 10 minutes to rest up before the last event so make sure you’re ready.

navy seal fitness_4

Final event – 1.5 mile run in 11 minutes 30 seconds.

Now by this stage you will realize you have what it takes there should be no doubt in your mind none should be able to convince you otherwise you can be Navy Seal Fit. So this final test requires you to wear your boots and trousers to make things uncomfortable.

Thats the Navy Seal way you will be in discomfort so those back home don’t need to be! You will be the best but to be the best this must be completed in 8-9 minutes to keep up with the elite.

navy seal fitness_6

Upon completion of the Entry test, or BUDS as it is called, you will know you are truly Navy Seals Fit. Please post your times and see who the elitest of all is. Unlock your potential and aim higher than you ever have before!!!!!

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