Home vs. Gym

Some people have their health club memberships and love the equipment selection and the social interaction. Both are wonderful! However, some people do better with a different setup. They may not have a good facility available, may not have time for the travel to and from, or may just simply prefer a little solitude when they work out, rather than a busy environment.

There is nothing wrong with muscle training at home! For those folks, a home muscle training  environment might work better! There is very long history of great workouts that come with the ease and comfort of accomplishing  at home!


There are also some roadblocks…

When you reach the decision that exercising is better at home, there are a few items to check off. First of all, remember that your home is not nearly as big as a health club! The “footprint” of your exercise “area” needs to be efficient and not cumbersome. You do not want to be bumping into the sofa while you’re trying to do your movements!

I recommend locating a particular spot in your home, garage, carport, or spare room where you can dedicate some space to your good health. This “spot” can be utilized full-time or part time. Can you slide a piece of equipment under a bed, into a closet, or otherwise out of the way? Then that’s “part-time”.

Once you find a good spot, let’s take a look at what you might need for equipment. Now, remember we’re simply trying to load some extra resistance onto the body. Doesn’t have to be fancy or pretty…just has to be effective.

Here’s some good ideas:

One of the very best pieces of equipment ever invented are dumbbells. Problem is….ever see the size and expense of a giant dumbbell set and rack? Wow!

Fortunately, there are a number of “adjustable” dumbbells. They are a series of weight plates, nested inside each other with a common handle to grab a certain number of those plates. These sets can reach 85 lbs/40 kg per hand! And they take up the space of a dinner placemat! They also cost a fraction of traditional dumbbell/rack systems.

Another option is a set of rubber tubing resistance bands. Very inexpensive. Very smooth and safe too.

muscle training at home_02

Many times, we need something to lie on, sit on, or use alongside our weights. There are a number of adjustable benches which can be set at different angles all the way up to upright. I recommend a good quality bench which only has to be stable, not flimsy or “rickety”.

You can also get inexpensive pieces like a chin-up frame or even a small multi-station “multi-gym”, but usually they just take up a little bit too much room.

So here is what I recommend:

– A set of resistance bands

– A set of adjustable dumbbells

– A small adjustable full-range bench

This will provide enough equipment for a great workout!

Now for the “Planning” part…

Just as in any exercise program, you need to (as Nike says) “Just Do It”. Make sure you set up a time to exercise which will work in with your daily schedule.

Remember, you’re already at the “gym”, so no travel involved. No excuses there. A decent home workout shouldn’t take more than 25-40 min, 2–4 days per week. Take a look at your work schedule, your play schedule, and you will find that amount of time in there somewhere.

Now go for it!

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