In Part 1 yesterday we got to the nitty gritty of saying what you mean and communicating effectively to achieve results for your clients.

Lets continue this analysis of the most efficient, effective and truthful ways of talking to and dealing with clients and members…

When the month goes by and the goal isn’t reached, who is at fault?

Perhaps the client cheated on the program, missing sessions, or perhaps my meal suggestions didn’t work out for the client. Either way the end result means the initial statement was wrong.

Would it have been better to say what I really meant:

“There is a strong possibility of you reaching your goals,but there is no guarantee that you will make the weight loss you want, but we will try our best to get you on your way.”

The client has a more realistic outlook and if the goal is reached, they will be over the moon.

Extra work

Instructors and teachers always look for new clients and extra classes, and when asked to take on extra work, usually we say “Yes” automatically.

However, think about your workload and try to understand that if by taking on extra work you may be so tired that your other sessions start to suffer.

The extra prep time, choreography and just plain physical exertion may leave you feeling so exhausted that business starts to suffer.

A false economy

Often declining the extra work, explaining your reasons, could be the best way.

motivating clients_2You could teach classes all day, but how long can you keep that up?

When you do start to cancel or drop classes, your clients are disappointed and you could damage your reputation as a teacher that “cancels their classes a lot”.

The even bigger picture of managing a facility, especially in January, can be a membership drive that leads to an influx of new members.

The newbies sign up and business is booming, and when more members pop along you sign them up and welcome them to a new world of fitness, until they all arrive at the same time, there’s no machines left and the classes are full.

Could you have instead placed them on a waiting list ensuring your facility is not overbooked, keeping those loyal long time members retained?

With the industry constantly expanding, every time you speak with a client, you have to think about all the factors that will keep them coming to you and not walking to the new gym down the road.

By being honest with your customers, you will build a solid brand and encourage retention.

If you fall into the trap of spouting cliches and false promises to clients, a few weeks down the line you could find your numbers dwindling as you struggle to meet your initial pledges.

Focus on what you do best and concentrate on that

In the long run quality always wins over quantity.

We all want to be busy and have full classes and facilities, but it has to be sustainable and realistic.

Whether you are a group exercise instructor or the manager of a huge chain of gyms, think about what you say to clients in January, and you will still be motivating clients and welcoming them through the door in December.

If you or your business requires a helping hand, feel free to contact us for a consultation. We don’t know it all, but we may know something that can help.

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